Does the woman go to outpatient service to set a tooth but change extraction tooth? Angry claim 3000 yuan, doctor: operation error

Introduction: the health of teeth will not directly affect the safety of life, but it will also bring great pain to everyone. There is a saying that toothache is not a disease, but it can kill people. Now people not only pay attention to the health of teeth, but also pay special attention to the beauty of teeth. In general, the practicability of teeth is still the most important thing. Ms. Zheng had a broken tooth, went to the hospital to set a tooth but turned into an extraction, but the doctor finally admitted the fact that the operation was wrong. After one of Ms. Zheng’s teeth broke, it was particularly affecting her chewing food, and she finally decided to insert it. Ms. Zheng went to the outpatient department for dental examination, and the doctor told her that if she wanted to have a dental crown, she had to do a crown. At that time, Ms. Zheng was also very strange. The doctor didn’t ask for a bite test. She just pressed it. But with the attitude of believing in doctors, I didn’t ask. At first, Ms. Zheng just felt that she was particularly attached to her teeth, so she wanted to remove the crown. Unexpectedly, a large tooth was pulled out in the process. According to Ms. Zheng, a good tooth in the front was also worn down. However, the staff explained that only half of the small side wall of the tooth was left, and that she had made a shape for Ms. Zheng. The size of the teeth is equally important and may not be understood by people who have not seen a dentist. Especially because of changes in external influences, Ms. Zheng’s eating may also be affected in the future. < p > < p > with regard to this small tooth, Ms. Zheng doesn’t want to get entangled. She pays more attention to the tooth she pulled out. The staff also admitted that it was a mistake in the work that led to the removal of the crown and took the half directly. As for the solution of this matter, the staff also agreed to Ms. Zheng’s request and returned the cost of treatment. After that, 3000 yuan of treatment cost for this tooth was also borne by the hospital. < / P > < p > when buying a car, many people may replace some items, but most people think that the original one is the best. With regard to all parts of our body, everyone will try to be as healthy as possible. Although the medical technology has been very developed, when a certain part of the lesion, can also be replaced. Although teeth are not very important organs, but their own primary teeth are certainly the most comfortable to use. Although Ms. Zheng’s problem has been solved, it has finally caused some harm to her. Dentists will contact a lot of patients every day, will be treated, in which it is inevitable that accidents will occur. But for patients, teeth are their own unique, so as a doctor or should be more careful. < / P > < p > although the same doctors, but everyone is good at different. Obstetricians and gynaecologists are also responsible for different patients. Dentists are relatively less risky, but they should be equally cautious. Pay attention to the patient’s experience and dental health. CUISINE&HEALTH