Does woman caesarean section ache? Too ignorant! Bear in mind “two early and two nights”, Baoma’s cesarean section less suffering

Having children is the most painful thing for a woman. After all, even men can’t bear the pain. Although the modern medical level has made rapid progress and many girls choose cesarean section, it is too ignorant if you think that cesarean section does not hurt.

according to relevant data, the proportion of women who choose cesarean section in the world accounts for 15% – 20%, of which the proportion of cesarean section in China accounts for 46% of the national childbearing women. For doctors, of course, it can be smooth, but it can not be ruled out that some factors leading to women have to choose cesarean section, such as big head baby or dystocia.

before giving birth to her child, Xiao Zhang had been listening to her colleagues saying how painful it was to have a natural birth, which made her determined that she must have cesarean section when giving birth. During the delivery examination, I communicated with the doctor for many times, and my pelvis was small, and I was pregnant with twins. Therefore, I really chose cesarean section.

but what Xiaozhang didn’t think of most was that she thought that the cesarean section didn’t hurt, which meant that the whole process didn’t hurt. When she thought of the nurse pressing her stomach for a while, she was so painful that she doubted her life and even cried.

not only that, but also another mother in the room lived together because of cesarean section. The difference between the two was about 2 days. At that time, the Baoma told her that she was allergic to anesthetics during cesarean section, and that she couldn’t get out of the labor smoothly. Finally, she could only have pain all the way to vomit.

she was afraid that the fetus would hold her breath for a long time. Finally, the doctor had to perform a direct laparotomy. The poor mother suffered great pain and had to endure the doctor’s urging at the same time, so the delivery suture was completed. Bao’s mother said to Xiao Zhang, “from now on, I don’t want to have children again. This kind of pain is a nightmare of life. I dare not think about it any more.”

in our life, many people think that a woman who has undergone cesarean section without experiencing the pain of opening her fingers in a natural labor is equal to not having a child. It has to be said that people who have such remarks are too ignorant. To know, whether it is natural or cesarean section, for women are huge pain, are mothers take life in the fight.

some Baoma women may experience more than 10 hours from the beginning of childbirth to the real natural childbirth. Some Baoma women with poor physical fitness, small pelvis and slow opening fingers may have longer labor pains.

but cesarean section is different. It doesn’t need to last for such a long time. Pregnant mothers don’t have to open their fingers. Basically, as long as the child is at a certain time after full-term, the operation can be carried out in about an hour.

giving birth to a child is the process of ripening. If you want to wait until the moment when the baby is born, you must be honest and honest until the last moment. Cesarean section is relatively good, as long as maternal two fingers can enter the operating room for production. However, although said that cesarean section does not have more than 10 hours of pain, but the pain of late recovery still exists.

living conditions of most families are relatively good now. When pregnant, they always want to eat and supplement to absorb nutrition for the fetus. As a result, the female body becomes obese and the fetus has the problem of over nutrition.

if the fetus is too large, it will inevitably increase the difficulty of delivery from the birth canal, which may cause the maternal body tear or dystocia, so cesarean section is the safest mode of production.

after giving birth to a child, women in cesarean section must turn over as soon as possible to promote the blood circulation of the whole body, which has a better help for the later recovery. In addition, turning over activities can also accelerate lochia discharge, so that puerpera can quickly exhaust.

but we should pay attention to that we should not make early progress after surgery, and the diet should still be light and easy to digest, such as noodles or millet porridge. We should not drink all kinds of tonic soup as soon as we come.

the catheter is usually inserted in cesarean section, but it will be pulled out after 24 hours. At this time, the puerpera can get out of bed a little. Although a move will pull the wound, but as long as it is slow and gentle, it is basically able to bear, which can also help mom quickly recover the wound, and is also conducive to lactation. 08/16/2020