Doing so can ruin your bodybuilding career, or even your whole life! Young people, please stay away from steroids

Anabolic steroids are very popular in bodybuilding circles, and also a hot topic. Whether in foreign countries or in China, in many bodybuilding competitions, there are some body surface characteristics of some athletes in the competitions of many youth groups or college students, which reflect some not very good trends. Many young athletes are seduced and misled by drugs. In today’s article, we don’t want to evaluate the behavior of these young people. We just give some basic knowledge and tell you the truth about steroids. This may help to solve the doubts of some young bodybuilders and ordinary people who like fitness and bodybuilding. < / P > < p > synthetic steroid is a synthetic testosterone hormone, testosterone is a natural hormone secreted by testis or female ovary. Men produce more testosterone than women because testosterone allows us to grow muscle faster and easier. Many bodybuilders are concerned about their testosterone levels because they all know that testosterone can help increase muscle size and strength to extraordinary levels. And the effect of synthetic steroids is to raise your testosterone levels to levels that nature can’t reach. This will make your strength level and training weight soar. How to use anabolic steroids: there are two ways to use anabolic steroids. The first is oral, because it’s just a pill, so it’s easy to use, but the bad part is that it affects the liver. Another way to use steroids is by injection. It has stronger anabolism and less damage to liver. However, either method can help increase muscle mass and strength. < / P > < p > many young people exercise without knowing how high their natural testosterone secretion can be. It ranges from 800 to 1300ng / dl. That’s equivalent to 300 mg of testosterone a week. Most of the time, adults use these drugs under the guidance of professionals, because their testosterone production decreases with age. This is called hormone replacement therapy. < / P > < p > for a teenager or 20-year-old, it’s not necessary to do this because it’s easy to naturally increase muscle and strength through good diet and daily training. What many young athletes don’t realize is that when you’re young, using steroids kills your natural testosterone production. This means that when they reach adulthood or grow older, they will be forced to continue to use it to reach normal testosterone levels, and their own natural testosterone levels are hard to recover. It also means that they don’t feel good and don’t have the energy they need. < / P > < p > problems with normal liver function, thyroid function changes hypertension and cholesterol levels, obvious appearance problems of male breast feminization may have heart disease, muscle spasm, alopecia, adolescent dysplasia, irritability, aggressive or personality changes depression, acne, migraine and headache how to naturally increase your testosterone level after you stop using it >Because the testosterone level of this teenager is already very high, I decided to introduce some ways to make your testosterone level work as effectively as possible to make sure you get the results you deserve. Here are some ways to keep your testosterone levels as high as possible. < p > < p > ensure 8 hours of sleep every day, ensure the correct diet, exercise time is no more than 60 minutes, use natural extracts to promote your testosterone secretion < / P > < p > in fact, in modern society, many people will have a “quick success and instant benefit” mentality, and young people should adjust their mentality, step by step on the basis of their own goals. The “shortcut” in front of you may be a hole in your future. Focus