Don’t worry about the lack of Qi and blood. My aunt has been drinking it twice a week for 30 years. Women don’t understand it!

Don’t worry about the lack of Qi and blood. My aunt has been drinking it twice a week for 30 years. Women don’t understand it! Some time ago, a good friend left a message to me: since she gave birth to the baby, her complexion has not been very good, even her skin has become dry, because she is still in the lactation period, she does not dare to use drugs to recuperate, so she suddenly becomes very confused. I don’t know if you’ve ever met a similar situation, especially after giving birth to a child, you’re most afraid of others shouting “yellow faced woman”. Standing with your peers, you always feel that you’re aging a lot. In fact, these are the ghosts of insufficient Qi and blood. Why do women always have insufficient Qi and blood after giving birth to children? We need to be clear that from pregnancy to childbirth, a long process needs to consume a lot of Qi and blood. In addition, we need to take care of our children every day and have irregular rest time. Naturally, Qi and blood will be insufficient. < / P > < p > my aunt is 45 years old, but she is in her thirties. She loves beauty very much, but seldom puts on heavy make-up when she goes out, mostly light or plain, but she thinks that the aunt who doesn’t make up is more beautiful and feminine. My aunt has many friends around her. From time to time, I would ask her for the secret recipe, and I always feel very curious. After reading her recipe, I can understand why her skin is so good. After many people have dry skin or spots, they will always choose some famous brand skin care products. Skin care products can only simply cover up, which can not solve the problem at all. Therefore, diet in life is very important. In my aunt’s recipe, brown sugar is essential to every dish. As we all know, brown sugar has the effect of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and Tonifying Qi and blood. Brown sugar is rich in a variety of vitamins, fructose, folic acid, amino acids, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements, so brown sugar is called “poor people’s donkey hide gelatin”. Today, I’d like to share with you a delicious food that is very helpful to Qi and blood. It’s also a soup that my aunt often eats. The method is simple. Let’s share the details below. < / P > < p > 1. Add appropriate amount of water into the pot, first boil the water with high heat until it bubbles, then turn to low heat, beat the eggs in the pot, and cook until the egg white covers the yolk. < / P > < p > 2. When you see that the yolk is wrapped by the egg white, put the washed jujube into the pot and cook it for 10 minutes under low heat. Don’t cook the jujube too long to avoid boiling. < / P > < p > 3. After the eggs are cooked, add brown sugar to stir, cook for 2 minutes to melt the brown sugar, turn off the heat, and then add wolfberry to serve. < / P > < p > delicate women’s way of eating, four kinds of ingredients cooked together, insist on drinking twice a week, look ruddy, good spirit! Eggs and brown sugar cooked together, is of great help to blood, it can improve the metabolism of the human body, and play the role of nourishing skin, it is very suitable for female friends to eat, especially in the cold season, as a woman better care for themselves, rather than show off their body in the street. < / P > < p > I’m a little monkey who can eat. I share different food tutorials with you every day. If you like, please praise and forward the article! Continue to pay attention to the little monkey, we will see you next time! Home