Drink it every day to help the body easily get rid of the smoke and poison, and give the body a big cleaning

Introduction: according to the data survey, the number of smokers each year is increasing rapidly. However, smoking does great harm to our health. The main reason is that nicotine, a special substance in cigarettes, can cause dependence on cigarettes and cause harm to the body. Nicotine can bring a variety of toxins to our body’s respiratory system, which will lead to more and more toxins in the body, which will have an impact. < p > < p > for long-term smoking, the nicotine in cigarettes will lead to the risk of heart disease of smokers more than several times higher than that of non-smokers, and the incidence of coronary heart disease will be more than several times higher, mainly due to the various stimulations to the heart during the process of smoking. Regular smoking can also lead to significantly faster heart rate, higher than the normal level. At the same time, it can also cause abnormal contraction of blood vessels, leading to the obvious increase of blood pressure in our body. < / P > < p > frequent smoking can lead to an obvious problem in the body, which is the impact and problem of the lung. It is mainly due to the excessive harmful substances contained in smoking. At the same time, in the process of smoking, it will not only affect your lung and respiratory system. At the same time, the second-hand smoke produced in the process of smoking will also have a great impact on others, which is one of the main reasons for the lung problems of smokers themselves and their families. < / P > < p > because of the long-term stimulation of nicotine, the vascular wall will also be damaged and affected by nicotine, which will lead to the abnormal contraction of blood vessels and the thinning and narrowing of blood vessels compared with before. This is the impact of long-term smoking on our blood vessels. At the same time, this kind of damage is irreversible, which is very harmful to the body Yes. Nicotine is harmful and irritant, so it can obviously damage and affect our nervous system. Especially for teenagers, it will stimulate the normal development of their brain, which will make the blood can not normally circulate in the brain and the nervous system, which will bring great influence to our nerve center, and even lead to the obvious decline of memory. < / P > < p > drinking more tea can help the body to promote the increase of immunity and play an invisible protective membrane role in the lungs, which can reduce the various stimulations brought by cigarettes to the body. Several food ingredients, such as pangdahai, peppermint, licorice, Siraitia grosvenorii, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, tangerine peel and barley, are used to clean the lungs and the benefits of cigarettes to the body. These ingredients can help to clear away heat, detoxify and reduce the harm of lung irritation. < p > < p > Mint: it has certain anti-inflammatory effect, and can promote the body to urinate, which can help the body to carry out metabolism and promote the excretion of garbage. < p > < p > chrysanthemum: it can effectively prevent various digestive tract and respiratory system problems, reduce the occurrence of various diseases and help inhibit the growth of bacteria. < / P > < p > these ingredients only need to be crushed into powder or directly boiled on the fire to make tea, which can play a good role in moistening the lung, and can also alleviate cough and halitosis caused by long-term smoking. If you feel that the mix proportion of your own production is not good, you can directly choose the tea bag that has been prepared. < p > < p > friends who need to alleviate the various problems caused by smoking can click the card below to obtain the same tea bag. If you insist on 40 days, you can easily relieve various lung problems. < / P > < p > conclusion: at the same time, we must also insist on vitamin supplement and aerobic exercise on weekdays, which can effectively promote the vitality of the lung and lung The metabolic capacity of the lung to help alleviate various problems, away from the various effects of cigarettes on the body. Focus