Drinking water is a bad habit. It hurts the stomach. Many people think it can keep healthy. I hope you don’t take it seriously

Now that the temperature has obviously declined, we can still feel a bit cool sooner or later. People who used to like to drink cold water or ice water also began to pick up the thermos cup and fill it with boiling water. “Drinking hot water” has always been China’s “tradition”. It seems that no Chinese people in any country like to drink hot water, and drinking hot water does have certain benefits.

many women are troubled by dysmenorrhea and body cold. If they often drink cold water, it is easy to aggravate these symptoms. Drinking hot water can not only make the body feel warm, but also warm the stomach and replenish qi, dredge channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation, and improve the constitution of body cold and dysmenorrhea.

but a lot of people don’t know that “drinking hot water” is also fastidious. They often pour the newly boiled water into the water cup and drink it with a little blow. This kind of behavior is not in health preservation, but in stomach injury!

in this season of stomach diseases, many people must have doubts. Why do many people have stomach discomfort after autumn? In fact, there are many reasons for stomach attack, drinking hot water is just one of them. The maximum temperature that our intestines, stomach and esophagus can withstand is no more than 50 ℃, while the temperature of boiled water is 100 ℃. Even if we cool down for a while, it may be 70-80 ℃.

what’s the effect of such a high temperature on the intestines and stomach? Hot water to the skin, the skin will immediately swelling, bubbles, you can imagine too hot water into the esophagus and stomach what kind of reaction will happen. Often drink too much hot water, gastric wall, gastric mucosa will be scalded, damaged, aggravate gastric inflammation and ulcer, increase the risk of gastric attack.

our favorite food may go through the process of frying. Frying is a kind of cooking method of “turning waste into treasure”. It can “turn decay into magic” and “transform” ordinary food materials into human delicacy, but it also inevitably increases the heat and fat of these foods.

although the human body needs the supply of fat and heat, normal people can’t consume a lot of fried food in a day, and these foods are not easy to digest, which will add a lot of workload to the intestines and stomach. And these foods in the frying process will produce a lot of toxins and carcinogens, if you eat often, stomach disease may be closer and closer to you.

pickled vegetables, pickled radishes, sausages and other pickled foods may be some people’s favorite. They can’t do without these “side dishes” every day, but do you know how much salt a pickle contains? Maybe you don’t use as much salt as a pickle in your cooking all day.

and this large amount of salt will also cause great damage to the stomach, affect the normal work of the digestive tract, stimulate the gastric mucosa, and increase the probability of stomach disease. So, I hope you can keep your mouth shut, stay away from heavy salt food, and eat as light as possible.

eating too fast is also the cause of some patients with stomach diseases. In fact, with such a fast pace of life, it’s normal for us to complete some things more efficiently, but it doesn’t apply to eating. If the food is fully chewed, there will be no need for “secondary processing” in the stomach, which will reduce a lot of burden on the stomach.

it’s far away for many people to get off work at 6 p.m. on time. They often get home at 8 or 9 p.m. after dinner, they have to go to bed. At this time, the digestion of the stomach has not been completed. As time goes on, the gastrointestinal function will be disordered, and the stomach disease will naturally “visit”.

conclusion: we are running on our own track like a Mercedes Benz on the road every day. In fact, it is not so difficult to slow down. Paying more attention to our health and maintaining our intestines and stomach will not affect our pace of progress. On the contrary, stomach attack, poor health, will hinder our way of life. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”