Driver pregnant mother doing B ultrasound, found that the fetus is “turning to step on the accelerator”, netizen: Zicheng mother industry

When did the baby and mother first meet? That’s when the B-ultrasound lists appeared. Now the medical skills are developed. When we do the four-dimensional, we can almost give the outline and appearance of the baby. Therefore, strictly speaking, the first time we meet is probably the first time we do the four-dimensional. However, at this time, the baby has almost developed. < / P > < p > some naughty little hands and feet are still concave when taking pictures. I have heard some doctors say before: “what does a pregnant mother like to do most? In fact, the baby will imitate it in her belly”. Many Baoma don’t believe it, because it’s very mysterious, but since this treasure mother confirmed it, I believe it. < p > < p > Xiaojing is a driver. She still drives during her pregnancy. In order to give her child a better life, she and her husband have not stopped and have been working hard. On this day, she has to do B-mode ultrasound, which is four-dimensional. Because the baby is mischievous, he walked for a long time to take pictures of the baby’s whole body. < / P > < p > as a result, we were all dumbfounded when we saw the baby’s dynamic, because the baby was inheriting her mother’s career, and the little hands and feet were obviously turning to step on the gas pedal, which was really standard. After seeing it, netizens said: “this is amazing, and the future will be a magic driver!”. < / P > < p > to say that the child’s camera sense is really brought by her mother. Don’t say you don’t believe it, this treasure mother shared her most precious B-ultrasound photo, because no one can believe that it’s a spontaneous lens sense of a small fetus if it’s not seen by her own eyes. This is also the baby’s super cooperation when she goes to do the birth examination and then takes the B-ultrasound. < / P > < p > when the doctor confirmed that there was no problem with the physical development of the fetus, she was ready to take a B-ultrasound picture for Baoma. As a result, the baby suddenly raised her little hand and put it right around her eyes. It was even more than one. All the people present were stunned. It had to be said that the mother loved to take pictures, which was really inherited from her childhood. < / P > < p > this baby can be said to be the most calm baby, because he is not lively and active, but like to play Tai Chi like his grandfather. Because the relationship between his mother and his mother-in-law is very good, he has always been taken care of by his mother-in-law during his pregnancy. < / P > < p > probably because the baby felt that they were very good to their mother, so they were infected. When doing B-mode ultrasound on that day, through the lens of the doctor, we could see that the baby was playing various kinds of Tai Chi. The slow and leisurely moves were quite standard, which could make the parents on the scene cry and laugh, which was a bit too calm! < / P > < p > this is a careful machine for many pregnant women, because you should know that a lot of prenatal examinations require you to go on an empty stomach in the morning, and hunger is the most difficult thing for pregnant mothers. Generally, the prenatal check-up is still a matter of ink stains. It is very likely that they will get up early and catch up with an evening set. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that many pregnant mothers are too hungry to walk quickly after a series of examinations It’s time to replenish your energy. < / P > < p > just bring your own snacks. When you finish the examination, you can eat them to supplement your physical strength. In addition, you should bring your own water. In general, some items in the labor examination are cut off from food and water, and pregnant women are also prone to thirst. Therefore, the best thing to do is to add water after the examination. < / P > < p > and After each check-up, you should keep some of your tests and reports, and then take them with you at the next time. This can help the doctor to judge whether there is a need for further treatment or whether there is any abnormality. Don’t be careless. If you forget to take it, you will lose the significance of this birth examination. < / P > < p > because every birth check-up is related, the doctor needs to judge some things through some of your previous examination results. If you don’t take it, even if you go home, it’s possible. So you’d better take your own small birth examination book, and you’d better put it together, so that you don’t have to put everything together. < p > < p > especially for pregnant women in summer, they must bring more tissues, because they are hot in summer and easy to sweat. As pregnant mothers, you are more likely to have fever and sweat easily, so it’s better to bring your own tissue paper. < / P > < p > What’s more, pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy should bring enough tissue with them, because it’s easy to urinate frequently in the third trimester of pregnancy. You don’t know how long it will take for you to have a prenatal examination. You have to go to the toilet at least five times in this process, which is all experience, so you should bring more paper towels, otherwise it will be very disturbing. < p > < p > Alpaca mother’s heart: in fact, pregnant mother has a great impact on the baby, because the baby has been growing in the mother’s stomach, and these 10 months have also cultivated your best tacit understanding, so you must keep a good mood during pregnancy. < / P > < p > and keep good habits, which may affect your baby oh, after all, now whether you are driving or practicing Tai Chi, don’t you believe your influence on children? < / P > < p > I can answer your questions about children’s psychology, education and personality. I hope my suggestions can help you, so that every baby can grow up healthily. PARRENT&CHILDREN