Drugstore “not eye-catching” it, women use every day to smear the face, to pouch can desalinate spots

It is said that time is a half kill. For women, with the increase of age, the speed of women’s aging is accelerating day by day, especially after the age of 40, the water loss in the skin, melanin deposition, and the color spots on the face are getting deeper and deeper.

is the aging of years, whether it is to go to the beauty salon to do maintenance, or to apply the mask at home, can only play a temporary role. After some twists and turns, the skin condition is getting worse and worse, the pores are bigger and bigger, the skin is more and more rough, and even skin allergy and redness will appear. < p > < p > Shu Qi is recognized as a goddess of plain face in the entertainment industry. She is particularly infectious when she smiles. After making up, she looks like she is in her 20s. However, after removing her makeup, there is a part that betrays her age. Do you know where it is? Long spots on the face, dark skin, no luster, when the spots appear on your face, no matter how delicate the girl, looks like ten years old! The goddess Lin Zhiling is 45 years old, but she looks like she is 25 years old. She looks very beautiful with light make-up. There is no trace of age on her face. Although with the growth of age, our skin condition will become worse, but if we pay attention to maintenance, we will also be full of girlish feeling! < / P > < p > in addition to looking very old, women with long spots on their faces also have an impact on their health. Many women with long spots on their faces are accompanied by endocrine disorders, deficiency of Qi and blood, and irregular menstruation. Some discomfort on the body also directly affects their complexion, making them look worse. < / P > < p > in fact, for women with long spots, they just don’t find the right way to maintain them. Many women, in order to get rid of the spots, all kinds of hyaluronic acid, nicotinamide, and various kinds of essence, can not say that these skin care products have no effect. It can only be said that all skin care products can only be effective for a while. As long as they are discontinued, the skin will return to its original appearance or even worse. < / P > < p > women with long spots are mostly related to endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders, the body’s metabolic function can not be carried out normally, naturally will cause some melanin accumulation, resulting in long spots, in fact, this situation is also very good to improve, as long as we regulate the body’s endocrine, at the same time maintain good living habits, endocrine regulation, desalination of spots are a good effect. Flavone of rose white is a kind of nutrient extracted from deer placenta. It contains a lot of active substances, which is very close to human tissues, so it is easy to be absorbed. There are rich proteins and amino acids in Rose White flavonoids. It has a variety of active polypeptides, which can inhibit the formation of melanin in the body, regulate the endocrine, accelerate the metabolism function of the body, and promote the metabolism of the body Melanin is better metabolized in vitro. < / P > < p > the beauty of a woman can’t be painted with make-up. Some people’s skin is dry and rough. After putting on makeup, they won’t be satisfied. It will not increase the aesthetic feeling, but will be “ugly”. As Mr. Mo Yan once said in his novel, “it’s like a frosted donkey dung egg.”. < / P > < p > people with bad skin, even after putting on make-up, are still very old. If the skin itself is very delicate, as long as you put on light makeup, it is particularly temperament. This is why some women, obviously only 20 years old, but after putting on makeup, they are significantly older. Home