During pregnancy, mothers to be try not to have these behaviors, so as not to affect the appearance of their children

But in life, every parent hopes that his or her child is perfect and flawless, because being a child like everyone else will not bring extra pressure and low self-esteem. < / P > < p > growing up with me is the most beautiful girl in our area, with big eyes, long black hair, high nose and small mouth. The whole person is perfect and exquisite, but there is a light black birthmark on the left face of the girl. < / P > < p > when we played together as a child, we would be very curious to ask why she looked different. She was always embarrassed and said, “I don’t know!” When she grows up, everyone will avoid this topic wisely. Fortunately, she is still delicate and gradually becomes cheerful and humorous. Now she is a mother of two children, confident and mature. However, when I chatted with her in private, she told me that when she was a child, she really felt inferior because of birthmarks. Thanks to her parents’ continuous encouragement, she gradually returned to her normal life and became a happy person now. < / P > < p > Yes, sometimes a single mark is enough to make a child feel inferior all his life. Although it can be changed now, mothers have to work hard to make their children avoid long birthmarks. There are several types of birthmarks, some of which will disappear naturally in a short period of time, some will take several years, and some will be accompanied by children. The specific situation can be divided into these categories. < / P > < p > most of the red birthmarks will appear on the forehead and neck of infants. The red spots produced by capillary hemangioma, also known as strawberry hemangioma, are generally only highlighted on the surface of the skin, and will not have adverse effects on the surrounding tissues and organs. Although it will not disappear, it will not affect the health. < / P > < p > there are many kinds of black birthmarks, including coffee spots that never disappear, pigmented nevus, nevus of Ota, etc. they are generally congenital. If they grow on the face and obvious places, they will affect the appearance of children. However, some of them are distributed in the children’s limbs and have very large birthmarks. Parents should pay attention to them, which may cause other nerve fiber diseases. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment. < / P > < p > many cyan birthmarks like the buttocks or waists of grown-up children. Most of them are Mongolian plaques. The color feels a bit dark blue, just like a bruised blue color. < / P > < p > but this kind of birthmark may be found in most children, but it doesn’t matter. Give the children and their parents a little time to think that this kind of birthmark will gradually fade and disappear with the growth of children’s age, and will not have any impact on children. < / P > < p > birthmarks are likely to affect children’s appearance and make them feel inferior. So how to avoid them? Obstetrician: from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to work hard to avoid these behaviors. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, I still see some pregnant mothers with heavy make-up. Of course, it is always important to be beautiful. However, we must know that no matter how good the cosmetics are, especially the color makeup, there are still many chemical substances in them, which will penetrate into the skin, which will have adverse effects on pregnant women and children. < / P > < p > but if you go out in summer, pregnant women must be prepared for sun protection, because ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin, and it may also be easy for children to grow birthmarks. < / P > < p > to keep away from radiation is not only a requirement to prevent children from deformity, but also a requirement to prevent children from long birthmarks. Mobile phones and computers should be used less, and microwave ovens and other high radiation electrical appliances should be kept away from, so as to avoid large radiation harm to the children in their stomachs, which is also responsible for the children’s life. < / P > < p > many delicious foods are full of additives, pigments, etc., so we must avoid eating during pregnancy, choose to eat those natural foods rich in calcium, iron and zinc, and keep healthy and light diet. < p > < p > moreover, pregnant women should eat more coarse grains, and they can also taste animal viscera, meat, fish, bean products and nuts, so as to maintain a balanced nutrition in the body. If the mother is not picky, the fetus will be healthier and the formation of birthmark can be reduced to a certain extent. < / P > < p > if the abdomen is collided during pregnancy, it may be easy to develop birthmarks. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to protect themselves, try not to go to noisy places with many people. In daily activities, they should be gentle and comprehensive, and try to protect themselves and their children. In this way, it is easy to grow birthmarks. < / P > < p > with the continuous development of society, there are many scientific methods to cure birthmarks, but every parent hopes that their children can be born healthy and safe, so they should protect themselves during pregnancy, protect their babies, and spend a good life with their children! CUISINE&HEALTH