During pregnancy, no matter how hard-working you are, don’t do some housework, especially in late pregnancy, which is harmful to the development of fetal treasure

Life lies in exercise. Moderate exercise is good for physical development. But the pregnant mother who is about to give birth, too much exercise, may bring some trouble to the baby.

no matter how hardworking they are before pregnancy, pregnant mothers must learn to be lazy after pregnancy, otherwise it may be harmful to the development of the baby and bring risks to the baby in the womb, but the gain is not worth the loss.

before she became pregnant, Wen Yuan was actually a very lazy person. She didn’t like sports and was slovenly in her life. She would stay at home and eat snacks every rest day. Her living habits were very unhealthy.

after she got pregnant, Wen Yuan began her exercise journey after hearing the doctor’s advice to exercise more. She not only signed up for the gym, but also scrambled with her husband to do housework, just like changing a person.

when she was 36 weeks pregnant, one day Wen Yuan suddenly felt a stomachache. Experience told Wen Yuan that this was not a false uterine contraction, but a signal that the baby was about to start.

the doctor said seriously, “it’s careless! If you never exercise before you get pregnant, you should pay more attention after you get pregnant. Proper amount is right. Excessive amount is not good for anyone! ”

after pregnancy, the blood circulation of the pregnant mother will increase by as much as 40%, and the weight of the big belly is like holding a bag of rice, which has a great pressure on the lower limbs.

since the advent of smart phones, people spend more time squatting in the toilet. Pregnant mothers are affected by hormone changes, gastrointestinal peristalsis is limited, it is easy to constipation, squatting toilet time will be more.

Shimao suggests: the time of squatting in the toilet should be controlled within 10 minutes. It is suggested to eat more root vegetables during pregnancy. The content of dietary fiber is high, which can effectively prevent and relieve constipation.

it’s not difficult to bend down to pick up things, but try again with a bag of rice tied around your waist? Pregnant mother bending down is not only very hard, but also oppresses the baby in the abdomen, which is harmful to the development of fetal treasure.

after pregnancy, the pregnant mother has a big stomach, so it’s inconvenient for her to move. Affected by her stomach, her center of gravity is unstable. If she really falls down, it’s Taibao.

especially when you wash dishes in the kitchen, you not only have to face the problem of standing for a long time, but also the kitchen floor is slippery, which may make pregnant mother slip, which is too inappropriate.

exercise during pregnancy is a good thing, but it’s better to do aerobic exercise which is relatively easy, and housework which is overworked and easy to stretch waist is best avoided as far as possible.

① for expectant mothers in early pregnancy, work, walking and other activities are more suitable. In the second trimester, the fetus is relatively stable. They can try jogging, swimming and other challenging sports.

after giving birth, it’s not the end of a sleep. Especially when giving birth to a baby, Baoma needs to pay high attention and complete the exercise according to the doctor’s instructions.

the significance of training childbirth breathing in advance is not only to train itself, but also to make pregnant mothers more relaxed in the face of childbirth. Kegel exercise can be practiced from pregnancy, which is helpful to the recovery of pelvic floor muscle after birth. Do you often do housework during pregnancy?

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