During the period of a woman’s “big aunt”, these four things should be done well, and the uterus will be grateful to you

Warm hot water has been boiled and sterilized. It is the best cleaning solution. Our vaginal system itself has a complete cleaning system, so under normal circumstances, do not use other private cleaning agents, because it may disturb the cleaning order of the vaginal system itself, but bring harm to our vaginal system. Warm hot water can be very good to achieve the cleaning effect, do not over clean.

if possible, choose to use a shower as much as possible. During menstruation, our endometrium has many small wounds, the cervix is also in the open state, at this time sitz bath easy to cause infection. Even in ordinary life, try to choose a shower. If the conditions are not allowed, you can’t choose a shower. It is necessary to achieve “one person, one basin, one towel and one water”, which means that a person must have a basin dedicated to cleaning his private parts and a towel used to clean his private parts. If the water is specially used to clean the private parts, it is not allowed to use the water after bathing or other water. These are personal belongings. They can’t be borrowed or used for other purposes.

sanitary napkins usually need to be replaced every 2 to 3 hours. This is because the environment of women’s private parts during menstruation is relatively humid, which is more suitable for the reproduction of fungi and fungi. We need to use sanitary napkin during menstruation. Sanitary napkin itself is relatively thick, and its air permeability is relatively poor. In addition, we discharge many nutrients in menstrual blood. In this case, bacteria can easily grow and reproduce. If you do not change sanitary napkin for a long time, vulva pruritus and leucorrhea increase and other symptoms.

some female friends think that if you pad sanitary napkins during menstruation, you should not change your underwear every day. This idea is not advisable. Even during menstruation, change underwear every day, and clean the changed underwear on the same day to avoid bacterial breeding. During menstruation, some female friends pad sanitary napkin method is wrong, or change is not diligent enough, easy to cause side leakage, at this time menstrual blood will dirty underwear, it is necessary to change the same day. Even if the underwear looks clean, it may be contaminated with bacteria due to the special environment. So do every day, just in case.

menstrual period is a special stage of women’s life, and they need to take good care of themselves. Do a good job in cleaning, is the first step of nursing, but also the most basic step. Do a good job of cleaning work carefully and reasonably, can avoid the occurrence of many problems in the follow-up. 08/16/2020