Easy to catch fire and afraid of cold? Hot up and cold down! It turns out that your Yang Qi is in the wrong place!

However, people with hot constitution or peaceful constitution are easy to get on fire. Why do cold hands and feet, especially cold deficiency cold constitution, often get on fire?

“today’s fever patients are all typhoid and so on If a person is hurt by cold, it is a disease heat. “. That is to say: excess cold in the body will lead to heat syndrome such as fever, and the body cold is actually one of the root causes of the fire.

kidney controls water and heart controls fire. Under normal circumstances, the heart fire supplies the kidney Yang Qi downward, while the kidney moistens the heart fire upward. The two interact and restrain each other to balance the body’s Yin and Yang.

① deficiency of kidney yin and kidney yang. Kidney yin deficiency, kidney water itself is insufficient, it is difficult to achieve the function of “Shangji Xinhuo”; while kidney yang deficiency, Yang Qi is too weak, can not stimulate the rise of kidney water, heart fire can not get nourishment.

3. If the fire wants to fall and the water wants to rise, it must rely on the promotion of the spleen and stomach qi. The spleen and stomach are weak, the middle Qi is insufficient, and the ascending and descending functions are out of balance. Naturally, the heart and kidney are not connected.

if you are on fire, most people will choose to use honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and herbal tea for clearing away heat and detoxification to suppress their symptoms of “burning”. But why are some people useful? Some people not only have symptoms not relieved, but also become worse?

experts said that the fire can not be generalized. For the “real fire” group, the use of cold drugs such as purging fire, reducing fire, etc., is indeed effective; but for the “virtual fire” crowd, this kind of method will only damage the kidney and spleen, making the deficiency add deficiency, the more the fire is treated, the greater!

I think that the reason why more and more people will have the constitution of upper hot and lower cold is that apart from the well-known factors such as staying up late, indulging in indulgence, eating raw and cold, exposure to cold and so on, long sitting and lying down and lack of exercise are also major reasons that can not be ignored.

if you don’t exercise enough, the movement of meridians will naturally decline gradually, and then you will have blocked Yang Qi and blocked depression. If the warm place is not warm enough, it is not surprising that the upper part is hot and the lower part is cold.

proper exercise can make Yang Qi move orderly and flow to the place where it should go. Practicing Baduanjin is a very suitable choice. You can lead the movement of Qi and blood greatly through simple movements.

take 6G of cinnamon and grind it into fine powder; 150g millet, steam until cooked. When eating, sprinkle cinnamon powder evenly on millet rice, mix well, and eat as staple food.

cinnamon can replenish fire and help Yang, ignite fire and return to yuan. Millet can nourish kidney qi, remove heat from spleen and stomach, and replenish qi. With the combination of the two, we can not only make the fire return to its original position, but also tonify the spleen and kidney, and help Yang Qi.

therefore, whether you have acne, abnormal stool, oral ulcer, insomnia, gum bleeding, halitosis, upper heat and lower cold, you need to dredge the middle energizer. As long as the middle energizer is unblocked, these symptoms will disappear naturally.

those who have no access to the central Jiao should not make up for it! Many people think that since the problem is caused by the injury of the spleen and stomach and the weakness of the spleen and stomach, then I would like to tonify the spleen and stomach. On the contrary, because the body is still blocked, the Qi and blood of the tonic body is also blocked in the body, which aggravates the fire of the body.

at the same time of strengthening spleen and Qi, malt is good at digesting food, clearing stagnant Qi and blood, and removing food and turbid Qi from the intestine.

Bergamot soothes the liver and regulates Qi, invigorates the spleen and dryness and dampness. It can regulate the movement of Qi, especially the middle and upper Jiao, and help the qi movement of the middle Jiao.

while tonifying the spleen and stomach, lotus seeds can also nourish the heart and calm the mind and prevent excessive heartfire. In addition, it can warm and tonify the spleen and kidney. It can also regulate the heart of the upper Jiao and the kidney of the lower Jiao, tonify the Qi of the upper, middle and lower Jiao, and improve the body’s hot and cold problems.

Orange Peel and coix seed are good at regulating qi, resolving phlegm dampness and resolving phlegm turbidity; the other is good at helping the body transport water, reducing the generation of phlegm dampness, and clearing away heat.

with chrysanthemum and lotus leaves, it can enhance the effect of clearing away heat and dampness. It can clear the heat of the middle and upper Jiao. Because the body’s heat is blocked by the middle coke, the acne and oral ulcer will disappear. Then black beans are used to tonify the kidney and remove dampness, and Qingxu heat; Gancao Ping is used to tonify the spleen and stomach and to harmonize various products.

this tea is not cold or hot. It can be adjusted to the middle, upper and lower three jiao. It can dredge intestines and stomach stagnation, invigorate spleen, and take care of heart and kidney. Fundamentally improve the body Qi and blood blocked, garbage stopped in the body. Skip to content