Easy to damage the kidney water was found, many people like to drink, box to move home, do not want to kidney failure, advise you to avoid

When summer comes, you will feel sweating if you move freely. At this time, you can have a glass of ice drink. One cup of water will run through the whole body in an instant, sweeping through the heat. With the sound of separation, you will feel relaxed. Then the sour ice drink is carbonated beverage. Many people move home by boxes and drink it when they are thirsty. You know, drinking a cup of carbonated drink is sour at the moment, but it is your kidney that is damaged. < / P > < p > the kidneys are distributed on both sides of the human body to control the detoxification and filtration functions of the human body. Drinking more water every day can help the kidney metabolize and expel toxins from the human body. However, many people drink carbonated drinks as water, and their bodies will not be different in a short period of time. If you drink them for a long time, you will find that the kidneys are calling for help. Once the kidneys are damaged, it means people Will be threatened. < p > < p > the main ingredients of carbonated drinks are water, edible pigments, fructose, carbon dioxide and a little caffeine. When you are tired, a bottle of carbonated beverage can relieve fatigue. After all, the beverage contains caffeine, which can refresh the mind, which has such a little effect, but it has caused a great burden on the kidney. Here, I advise you to avoid the weakness of the kidney. < / P > < p > the kidney has the function of generating urine. Through the generated urine, toxins and impurities are discharged from the body. However, carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks is easy to decompose into carbonic acid components in water. The kidney can only discharge a small amount of carbonic acid, and the rest will be absorbed by the human body, and slowly enter the blood, which will form harmful substances such as carbonate or bicarbonate, causing kidney burden and hindering the kidney Visceral metabolism function, over time, the kidney will collapse. < / P > < p > these substances can promote the absorption of calcium in the human body, and it is easy to cause the loss of calcium. If the teenagers drink it, it is easy to have osteoporosis in the middle-aged and the elderly, and it can also cause kidney stones. The kidney can not discharge the carbonic acid in time and continuously precipitate. If these small stones are not handled in time to suppress the kidney, renal failure will eventually occur. < p > < p > the fructose contained in carbonated drinks is ingested into human body for a long time. After being decomposed into purine, the purine content increases continuously, and the chemical reaction is thought to be uric acid. With the increase of uric acid value, the burden of kidney is increased, and the metabolism of kidney is blocked. As time goes on, the kidney is damaged. The increase of uric acid will cause other diseases and affect people’s life. < / P > < p > it is not only carbonated drinks, but also fruit juice, bubble water, Sprite and multi-functional drinks sold on the market. Drinking them for a long time will pose a threat to the kidney. The reason why these drinks are delicious is not only that the manufacturers add various pigments and additives, which will not only damage the kidney, but also damage other organs. < / P > < p > now we should understand that carbonated drinks hurt the kidney, so try to reduce drinking, especially for teenagers. Parents should control their children’s drinking. If they want to have a good kidney, they should still drink plain water, which can help kidney detoxification, promote kidney metabolism, promote blood circulation and reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. < / P > < p > many people don’t form the good habit of drinking water. They think that plain water has no taste and is not good to drink. They can make their own fresh juice, pure natural juice and original flavor juice, and can supplement human body vitamins and minerals, killing two birds with one stone. CUISINE&HEALTH