Eat three kinds of food during pregnancy, easy to cause fetal development abnormalities, pregnant mother had better shut up

In 2012, the probability of congenital defects in newborns in China was 5.6%, while that in foreign countries was only 15%. The overall incidence rate was relatively low.

after pregnancy, we are most concerned about the health of the fetus. In the early pregnancy, that is, the first three months of pregnancy, it is particularly important. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to diet and rest, and do not contact with toxic and harmful substances, so as to avoid damaging the baby in the stomach.

fish is delicious and nutritious. It is one of the favorite foods for men, women, old and young. It is rich in DHA, which is of great significance to fetal intelligence development.

but if it is a fish growing in polluted water, pregnant mothers should not eat it. It may contain a lot of heavy metal elements such as lead and mercury, which will damage the development of fetal brain and cause mental retardation after birth.

alcohol is not only harmful to the pregnant mother’s body, but also enters into amniotic fluid and placenta through blood circulation in the mother’s body, which also causes serious damage to the fetal brain nerve, which may lead to serious consequences such as brain tan.

therefore, pregnant mothers should keep away from alcohol related food. Except for all kinds of alcohol, alcoholic drunk shrimp, drunken crab, distiller’s grains, and alcoholic chocolate should be avoided.

with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s diet has become more and more diversified, and the variety of food is more and more rich, and there is no seasonal difference, but this is not a good thing for pregnant women.

many out of season fruits and vegetables are likely to have pesticide or ripening agent residues, and pregnant mothers need to take a large amount of these foods rich in vitamins and dietary fiber during pregnancy. If you eat vegetables and fruits containing toxic substances for a long time, it is easy to cause fetal poisoning and even abnormal development. Pregnant mothers must be careful when purchasing.

if a pregnant mother has a cold or is not feeling well during pregnancy, it is better not to take Yao on her own, because some components may have side effects and affect the growth and development of the fetus.

during house decoration, paint and glue may contain formaldehyde, which is very harmful and can produce irritating toxic and harmful gases, which is also very unfriendly to pregnant women and fetuses.

therefore, if the mother is aware of the odor or irritating smell in the air, it is best to stay away as soon as possible, including the smell of some inferior nail polish, which should be avoided.

although many experts have refuted the rumor that pregnant women can’t make up, they have to deny that many cosmetics sold on the market contain a lot of chemical substances and heavy metals, which are easily absorbed by pregnant mothers after long-term use.

once in the mother’s body, the damage to the fetus can’t be imagined. Therefore, it is generally recommended that pregnant mothers should try not to make up during pregnancy and choose natural and non irritating skin care products.

mobile phones, computers and other common electronic products do not have teratogenic effect on the fetus, but some places with high-intensity radiation such as mechanical and electrical equipment and signal tower should be avoided.

radiation has a great impact on the fetus. If the pregnant mother accidentally contacts it, it is likely to cause chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo and congenital defects after birth.

studies have shown that 1-13 weeks of gestation is a high incidence period of malformations, because this is the critical period for the development of various organs. The limbs, heart, head and internal organs of the fetus are undergoing differentiation and gradually begin to develop.

this is to lay the foundation for the healthy growth of the fetus in the future. Pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to their own diet and behavior habits to avoid adverse effects on their babies.

of course, in addition to several kinds of food with greater harm, the genetic factors of parents and fetal chromosome conditions, as well as the living environment of pregnant mothers and whether they are infected during pregnancy are important reasons for abnormal development.

therefore, pregnant mothers should not only ensure the daily nutrition, but also keep away from harmful environment, and supplement folic acid on time, about 400 micrograms a day, which can minimize the damage to Taibao. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging