Education Supervision Committee of the State Council

Since the printing and distribution, schools all over the country have attached great importance to it. They have formulated targeted and operable work measures in combination with the actual situation of their own schools, effectively curbing the phenomenon of campus catering waste.

However, it is worth noting that some places and schools do not have accurate understanding and understanding, and some formalistic practices such as “reciting meal songs and punching cards” and “wasting a grain of rice to do a multiple-choice question” have emerged, which have aroused heated public opinion.

please further study and understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important instructions on resolutely stopping the waste of food and beverage, accurately understand the policy connotation of curbing the waste of food and beverage on campus, strictly comply with the relevant requirements, take practical measures, pay attention to actual results, do in detail and put into practice, strongly guard against negative coping mentality,

crack down on formalism and ensure that campus is stopped Catering waste work does not deviate, does not deviate, truly forms a long-term mechanism to stop food waste and cultivate the habit of thrifty.

let thrifty become the life habit and attitude of the majority of teachers and students internalized in the heart and externalized in the form, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of campus catering waste. CUISINE&HEALTH