Elicio released the data of animal study on the new coronal vaccine, and the antibody level was 265 times higher than that of the convalescent patients

On August 19 local time, elico therapeutics, a new generation of immunotherapy development company based in Cambridge, USA, released the preclinical data of its candidate vaccine eli-005 for covid-19, saying that the protein subunit vaccine has unique ability to stimulate T cells to produce high-intensity response to covid-19 and effective neutralization antibody induction. In view of the short-term antibody response of covid-19, a long-term and effective antiviral T-cell balanced response can be achieved in the long-term protection after administration of eli-005. The number of T cells detected in peripheral blood was 25 times higher than that of standard vaccine, and formed the first-line defense against covid-19 in lung tissue and respiratory tract fluid. < / P > < p > there was no increased risk signal of vaccine related respiratory disease, and a Th1 was formed under the action of eli-005 T cell and Th1 antibody response spectrum; < / P > < p > viral protein antigen below 10 times the dose can maintain effective immune response, which shows that eli-005 can reduce the supply of covid-19 immunization in human. < / P > < p > this study showed that a biweekly vaccination of the eli-005 vaccine resulted in a parallel reaction equilibrium across the antibody and T-cell mechanisms. Multifunctional CD4 + and CD8 + T cells arrive in the lung and secrete into the respiratory fluid, thus forming the first-line defense against covid-19. There was no vaerd risk signal in the test. Less than 10 times the dose of viral protein antigen can maintain an effective immune response, so the capacity required to provide eli-005 worldwide is low. The first part is an amphiphilic adjuvant. The structure of eli-004 is a hydrophobic protein binding lipid linked to a hydrophilic immune stimulated CpG DNA oligonucleotide. This design enables efficient lymph node targeting. Through the binding of AMP CpG with tissue protein, albumin will naturally flow into the lymph node and bring amp CpG into the lymph node. It has been shown that compared with traditional CpG and other reference adjuvants, eli-004 can improve the lymph node delivery effect by at least 10 times, thus greatly enhancing the immune cell delivery and immune response. The second part is the covid-19 spike receptor binding domain, which has been previously shown to be a target for neutralization of T cells and coronavirus antibodies. < / P > < p > at present, the research and development of new crown vaccine is in full swing, and pharmaceutical enterprises and R & D personnel around the world are fighting against this global disease. Elico’s report of eli-005 in animal research shows good data, but the road of clinical development is long, and more strong evidence is needed to prove the strength of this black horse. Focus