Emotion is the “accelerator” of blood pressure rise. People who conform to the six characteristics should be prevented in time

Wang Ma is 60 years old, suffering from blood pressure for several years, every day to rely on drugs to control blood pressure, and also suffering from coronary heart disease. Recently, there happened to be a free physical examination in the village, but I don’t know that the blood pressure of most of the elderly in the village exceeded the normal standard. According to other old people in the village, all the children in the village are working outside. They are basically alone at home and their children are outside. And less care for the elderly, resulting in a lot of elderly people’s mood is relatively low, diet is not paid attention to, often restless at night, poor sleep quality, leading to accelerated the occurrence of hypertension.

with the rapid pace of life, hypertension has become a chronic disease that is no longer only for the elderly. The age of onset is gradually younger. Many young people are easy to detect blood pressure disorders when they have physical examination. Because today’s young people think they are in good health. They usually don’t pay attention to their blood pressure monitoring, let alone preventive measures. Maybe they are already suffering from diseases and don’t know it.

Nowadays, many stars, especially female stars, need to manage their bodies and control their emotions in front of the public, which leads to a backlog of negative emotions and requires self-regulation. When they can’t digest them, they will suffer from depression and even want to end their lives. Therefore, depression and depression in the degree is different, to distinguish.

and this extremely bad mood is caused by a moment’s incorrect cognition, which leads to depression. Now many people have this phenomenon. When this situation can not be resolved, it will continue to increase, blood pressure will rise, and it will develop in the direction of hypertension and other diseases.

according to research, anxiety is not conducive to the stability of blood pressure, and it keeps fluctuating. When you don’t care about something and are in a mess, your body’s blood pressure is obedient. Long term anxiety, will lead to increased blood pressure disease, there will be some other bad pain, affect the normal life. Therefore, when there are similar emotions, we should pay attention to scientific relief.

this kind of emotion is very likely to happen in women. They are very angry, even angry with themselves. If the family or the people around them do something that is not as good as their own, they will make their emotions soar, followed by dizziness and high blood pressure. Qi and blood is not smooth, resulting in his eyes blurred, blurred vision.

when blood pressure rises, arterioles will harden and renal function will deteriorate. First of all, people who are not over 60 years old and don’t drink too much water at night. They often urinate at night, which is not in line with their age behavior. They should check whether they have renal function problems in time, which is not conducive to the stability of blood pressure. Secondly, if the color of urine appears different from the usual color, appear tan or sauce oil color, be careful of renal hypertension.

when you get up in the morning, you can clearly see your eyes and face swelling in the mirror. It will subside at noon, and it will continue to aggravate after fatigue. It can only be relieved after rest. In the early stage of blood pressure rise, because we are more sensitive to the performance of the face, so facial edema will care. In fact, not only the face, but also the legs and waist will be swollen.

when working, the efficiency is always very low, forgetting things and forgetting things. The temporary rise of blood pressure will make the attention unable to concentrate, often nervous, and the work efficiency will gradually decline.

this is another obvious symptom following low back pain. High blood pressure leads to vasodilation, swelling and pain behind the head, continuous expansion, stimulation of the inner wall of the artery, leading to headache and numbness of the limbs. It is mainly caused by high blood pressure, poor blood flow and loss of blood.

the chest is not comfortable, and the heart is affected by the functional changes of hypertension. If long-term in the case of high blood pressure, myocardial thickening, ischemia, over and over again, leading to major heart disease.

a good attitude is the premise of maintaining normal blood pressure, and a good mood is the “tranquilizer” of blood pressure. Always maintain a positive attitude, optimistic mood, don’t give yourself too much pressure, high spirited life.

you can often walk quickly, which is very helpful for reducing blood pressure and reducing systolic blood pressure. Proper rest, often recuperate, let the brain and heart rest, calm the stability of blood pressure.

correct diet, stable blood pressure, good nutrition, ensure to supplement the body needs. Quit smoking, drink less and keep good habits. Tea can also replace wine, less drug abuse, choose natural herbs to maintain and reduce blood pressure.

hawthorn, cassia seed and sophora flower can maintain the stability of diastolic and systolic blood pressure, remove body toxins and calm the mood; mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf and kudzu root can help dredge gastrointestinal health, increase appetite, relieve mood burden, reduce swelling and pain; corn whisker, Cyclocarya paliurus leaf, seabuckthorn and burdock root can relieve dampness, relieve cough, replenish qi and blood, and reduce inflammation and blood pressure. Focus