“Even if it fits, I don’t give birth naturally.” young Baoma revealed the reason, and the doctor was silent at last

I believe many pregnant mothers have heard that natural childbirth is more beneficial to the health of women and the fetus, so most pregnant mothers prefer natural childbirth. Some pregnant mothers, even their own physical conditions, do not support natural childbirth at all, but they just want to take risks. < / P > < p > nowadays, with the progress of medical technology, the risk of cesarean section is getting smaller and smaller, many star models are more inclined to choose cesarean section, so there are also some pregnant women, even if they meet the conditions of natural birth, they are not willing to choose natural birth. < p > < p > Xiao Chen, 26, gave birth to a man Bao two years ago. After more than a year, she became pregnant again. This time, when it was almost the due date, the doctor discussed the mode of delivery with her, and her mother-in-law and husband were also on the side. < / P > < p > Mrs. Chen is also happy to hear that. After all, the older generation all think that natural childbirth is better for women’s health and the fetus is healthier. < / P > < p > the doctor was stunned for a few seconds after listening, “it’s OK, you can think about it again.” After that, her mother-in-law began to do ideological work for Xiao Chen to analyze how good natural childbirth was, and the doctor occasionally nodded. < / P > < p > Xiao Chen said helplessly, “I gave birth to the baby, not you. When I gave birth to Dabao, I collapsed directly in the delivery bed. Even the doctor said that the baby might be dying in the midway. How desperate I was at that time, I didn’t want to do it again. If it was really because of me, I couldn’t forgive myself for the rest of my life.” < / P > < p > “besides, at that time, the doctor also said that my physical condition was supportive, so it was not the same risk. I don’t want to experience the pain in the delivery bed any more. Now so many people choose caesarean section. Why can’t I choose the way that can make me easier? ” < / P > < p > it’s true that childbirth depends on the wishes of the individual. Whether it’s a caesarean section or a natural birth, it’s good as long as the fetus can be delivered safely in the end. < / P > < p > of course, we still need to talk about the theory of “natural childbirth is harmless”. I believe many pregnant mothers think that the most primitive way of natural childbirth is the best for pregnant women, but in fact, this kind of statement is very one-sided, because natural childbirth is not suitable for all pregnant women. < / P > < p > if the pelvis is smaller or the fetus is smaller than most pregnant mothers’ own pelvis, or the fetus is larger as measured by the doctor before the due date of delivery, then it is not recommended for pregnant mothers to choose the way of natural delivery. < / P > < p > previously, a friend was more stubborn. When the doctor had told her clearly that the fetus was large, she still insisted on giving birth naturally and thought she could have it. As a result, she spent a lot of energy in the process of childbirth, and she still failed to give birth smoothly. Moreover, the doctor also tried to carry out lateral incision during the childbirth, which also failed. < / P > < p > after that, my friend switched to caesarean section. At last, when the child was born, the doctor said it was 9 Jin and 2 liang, which can be said to be a giant baby. In this case, choosing natural delivery is really a kind of courage, but it is also very dangerous. < / P > < p > for her friend, she has suffered from both natural and caesarean section. If she directly followed the doctor’s advice and chose caesarean section at first, she would no longer have to go through the torture of natural delivery. < / P > < p > of course, this is not the most critical, because if you insist on choosing natural childbirth when it is not in line with natural childbirth, it is easy to be dangerous in the process of childbirth, whether for the maternal itself or for the fetus. Therefore, we do not want pregnant mothers to take risks. < / P > < p > there are some diseases that are not suitable for natural birth, and some pregnant mothers, because some diseases that are not suitable for pregnancy are identified during pregnancy, including pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes or obesity, and most of these diseases are not suitable for natural birth, otherwise the risk will increase. < / P > < p > this also reminds pregnant mothers that they must do prenatal examination during pregnancy, not lazy, because prenatal examination can help pregnant mothers detect whether there are some diseases, and can better deal with the risk of pregnancy. < p > < p > don’t bet on the safety of the fetus and the doctors, so don’t let the fetus have a natural birth. < / P > < p > but if you are in line with the conditions of natural delivery, the doctor suggests natural delivery. At this time, you can choose caesarean section. After all, this can still be based on your own wishes. Then again, even if the Baoma said that pregnancy has been hard enough, why can’t I choose a delivery mode that can make myself easier? Information sharing for epilepsy patients