Every autumn, my family will make this bowl of soup, drink once every three to five, nourishing and beautifying, with many benefits

When I was very young, the living conditions were relatively low. When I went to visit relatives or had guests, the way to treat them was to pour a cup of sugar water. When I was in primary school, my mother would make a jar of rice wine at the end of the new year. If there were guests, I would use boiling water to serve them. At that time, adding two eggs in rice wine was more attractive than eating meat. I just want to drink this rice wine and egg soup, just like eating meat, I have to wait until the Chinese New Year. Rice wine is also called wine making in many places. It is made by steaming glutinous rice and fermenting with a special yeast. It tastes sour and sweet, and is especially delicious. Although rice wine is a kind of wine with rice as the main raw material, we must not underestimate it. It is rich in a variety of nutrients, which is a rare tonic. Especially for women, it can nourish blood and beauty, and has many benefits. What I want to share with you today is not the rice wine and egg soup that I was looking forward to when I was a child, but a different kind of soup made with rice wine, rice wine brown sugar and Yuanzi soup. Look at the small round of gold yellow, is not very attractive? You guessed it, its main raw material is not only glutinous rice flour, but also the current seasonal dish old pumpkin. Pumpkin has high nutritional value, rich in polysaccharides, carotene, pectin and a variety of trace mineral elements. The most important thing is that it tastes soft and sweet, and the family likes to eat it. < / P > < p > use old pumpkin to make small dumplings, then mix with brown sugar and rice wine to make a sweet and Sour Rice Wine brown sugar and dumpling soup, which is very suitable for dry autumn, which can replenish water for the body and nourish the body. Every autumn, my family will make this bowl of soup, drink once every three to five, nourishing and nourishing, and has many benefits. The old pumpkin is washed, peeled and sliced, and steamed for 10-15 minutes in a steamer. The specific time depends on the size and number of pumpkin slices. In short, the pumpkin is completely steamed. < / P > < p > 5. Pour the prepared brown sugar in, stir well, and cook until the brown sugar melts. Brown sugar is more nutritious than white sugar, which is very suitable for female friends. There is an old saying that “women should not be sugar free for a hundred days”, that is brown sugar. The effect of authentic brown sugar is better! < / P > < p > after autumn, when the weather is dry, it is a good choice to drink more soup. This bowl of rice wine, brown sugar and Yuanzi soup can also replenish qi and blood. Come and have a try! The glutinous rice flour itself is not sticky, and it is not easy to form dough with cold water. Therefore, after the old pumpkin is steamed, it is necessary to pour the glutinous rice flour into it while it is hot. The higher the temperature is, the less likely the dough will crack. If it’s hot, you can stir it with chopsticks first, and then rub it with your hands. < / P > < p > the above is today’s sharing, thank you for reading, like this article, welcome to like, forward, share, want to learn more wonderful content, come and pay attention to me! I am a bean ink chef, looking forward to your support, and finally wish you a happy life! 08/17/2020