Everyone is afraid of “menopause”, after 40 years old, do these things well, spend menopause easily

Two days ago, a fan friend left a message asking if she could talk about menopause. She was suffering from menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. However, from the perspective of age, she was the group of people with early menopause. If I tell you that the first group of women born in the 1980s have entered the “morning shift”, will people feel flustered.

for women, menopause is a watershed in life, 90% of women will have different degrees of reaction, from the age of 40, we should pay attention to it.

many people think that menopause is the only way to enter menopause. In fact, it is not. Menopause, in fact, is “various symptoms before and after menstruation”, and menstruation is the physiological function that every woman can’t get rid of. From the menarche of 14 years old to menopause of 49 years old, the coming and going of Tiangui revolves around the prosperity and failure of the kidney meridian. As long as the kidney meridian declines, the related performance of menopause will appear.

bad habits. Staying up late and smoking are the first two reasons to bear the brunt. Excessive weight loss. Excessive diet, or improper weight loss methods, repeated rebound, repeated weight loss, will eventually pay the price of health. Multiple miscarriages. Do not think abortion painless on the body is not hurt! Emotional garbage. Under the pressure of work, society, family and many kinds of burdens, the emotional garbage that has no place to vent is also the source of physical disorder. However, women who are troubled by menopausal symptoms usually think that “tolerance is over” and their family members do not understand it, and think it is a kind of vexatious behavior.

the higher the score is, in fact, it’s not only their own suffering, but also their families who are helpless. It’s good to have family members who can understand and be patient. If family members can’t understand this is a kind of physical change, it will also cause a lot of emotional crisis.

regardless of age, starting from today, starting to cherish your body, live a regular life, go to bed before 11 o’clock every night, and ensure adequate rest, which can not only eliminate fatigue, but also improve the resistance to disease. Stress yourself, adjust your mind and maintain good social relations. Go out more, find some friends with the same interests, and turn from “pleasing others” to “pleasing yourself”. If the symptoms are serious, do not blindly ninja, must see a doctor in time. A friend once said: “my mother after menopause, it seems that a different person, previously introverted, suddenly become cheerful and love to play, dance travel all day long not at home, but my father every day at home cooking.”

indeed, we have to observe that many aunts around us, after menopause, seem to suddenly find the true meaning of life, start to live for themselves, participate in interest classes, go out with sisters, and become fond of dressing up. Maybe these are the things that they want to do when they are young, but have not done for themselves.

menstruation is a symbol of women’s fertility, and it is also a combination of them Our responsibilities are like giving birth to children, and it is our inherent obligation to teach our husband and children. Menopause, on behalf of the disappearance of this ability, for some women, also represents self liberation. HEALTHY LIFE