Excessive visceral fat will affect health, adhere to 4 methods every day to effectively reduce visceral fat!

Nowadays, small belly is a common phenomenon, and the main causes of small belly are lack of diet control, lack of exercise and long-term sedentary. The activity with the abdomen is the least in the human body, so once the body is fat, the belly will first become fat. Of course, this is also related to age. With the increase of age, especially after the age of 30, the speed of muscle loss increases and the metabolic capacity decreases, which leads to the inability to consume more calories, leading to the appearance of small belly.

if visceral fat is too high, it will affect the health of the body, such as: oppressing the viscera, affecting the normal operation of organs, and secreting harmful substances to induce pathological changes. Visceral fat is too much, causing the most common problem is “three high”, that is, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia. Therefore, once our body fat up, we must pay attention to, actively lose weight, get rid of bad habits in life, in order to promote the efficiency of weight loss.

some high calorie foods are particularly delicious, such as fried chicken, hamburger, barbecue, milk tea, cream cake and so on. These foods are very high in calories, and regular eating will certainly cause obesity. And this kind of food itself nutrition has been destroyed, will also affect the health. Therefore, if you want to lose visceral fat and small belly, you should give up high calorie food.

of course, diet control is not a diet. The nutrients and calories we take in every day should meet the metabolic needs of the body, so as to maintain the normal operation of the body, improve the metabolic level, and help us consume more calories.

we must develop the habit of drinking more water, in order to promote the metabolism level and improve the efficiency of burning fat. It’s also necessary to have a glass of water before eating. Why? Drinking a glass of water before meals can relieve our hunger and reduce the incidence of overeating. And can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve gastrointestinal digestion, reduce food hoarding in the stomach, inhibit the growth of fat.

if we want to lose weight, we must insist on exercise to increase the body’s heat consumption, so as to help us achieve the goal of weight loss. For people with high body fat rate, we should often do aerobic exercise, in order to promote the efficiency of weight loss. Although the beginning of aerobic exercise will find it difficult to adhere to it, but with the increase of exercise time, our cardiopulmonary function will be better enhanced, so as to improve exercise performance and promote weight loss efficiency!

you can choose to run for 40 minutes a day, or rope skipping, aerobics, riding, etc. these exercises can promote the efficiency of weight loss and help us to better lose visceral fat.

if you have the habit of staying up late, give it up quickly! Because staying up late can cause the body hormone secretion disorder, reduces the leptin secretion level, also can cause the body metabolism ability to decline, thus affects the weight loss efficiency.

only by ensuring adequate sleep time can we maintain the normal operation of the body and maintain the metabolic level. Every night before 11 o’clock to go to bed, develop the habit of early sleep in order to better reduce the body’s excess fat. CUISINE&HEALTH