Exclusive oil skin of big brand water emulsion, so match to control oil! Recognized fresh water, but also close pores

The trouble of oily skin may not be the dryness of skin, but the endless “oil” and reflective face. And now the skin care products have moisturizing effect, how much will have some greasy. Therefore, skin care products seem to be not too friendly to oily skin, only pay attention to the moisturizing of dry skin, but ignore the refreshing moisturizing of oily skin. On the one hand, Japanese skin care products are well done, and there are many exclusive water emulsions suitable for oily skin. < / P > < p > in fact, oily skin is suitable for refreshing water emulsion all the year round. The combination of Daike perilla water emulsion and avocado is very popular among the oil skin rings, which should be the most popular. Perilla water is anti oxidant, has the effect of calming skin and replenishing water, and the alcohol content is a little bit heavy, so it is very refreshing after use. There’s only one spice and one preservative, so it’s suitable for girls of soybean oil department. The avocado milk is also the main antioxidant and moisturizing agent, and is a good partner of Perilla water. This set of water emulsion uses unusual water emulsion, it is first after the milk, the butter emulsion used in the front of Perilla water can make the subsequent skin care products better absorption. This set of collocation absorption is fast, not greasy, and the degree of moisturizing is also enough, with acne shut mouth can also use perilla water wet compress closed. Because this set of water emulsion has oil control effect, so for dry skin, its moisturizing strength may not meet the needs of skin! Mushroom water is a famous oil control and acne eliminating water, and its oil control ability can also rank among the top three. Because it contains Ganoderma lucidum essence, with a faint taste of Chinese medicine, it smells comfortable and reassuring. 200ml capacity is used for wet compress, the consumption of closing mouth is relatively fast, and its texture is fresh, and the sense of use is several degrees higher!

essence milk and mushrooms water are all with a faint taste of Chinese medicine. The texture of the milk is very moist and absorbs very quickly. As long as the absorption is fast, there is no sticky phenomenon. Unless the main theme is the use of matte feeling, like Olay air cream, a wipe can hardly see the oil, and it is a very dense matte feel. But this one is more moist, but it absorbs quickly, and the skin is very smooth after use up. < p > < p > orbin has always focused on sensitive muscle friendliness, but after using it, you will find that it is actually a greasy skin mother. Healthy water can whiten, calm and astringe pores. The taste of water is like soapy water, which is wonderful. It will feel cool on your face. But it is actually mint. It is calming, anti-inflammatory, and oil control is also first-class. < / P > < p > there are three types of penetrating milk. No.1 is suitable for oily skin, No.2 is suitable for mixed skin, and No.3 is suitable for dry skin. You can choose the corresponding penetrating milk according to your skin type. If it is a large oilfield No. 1, it is very clear texture, very good push, apply on the face light, use face water tender. Health water can be used alone as effective water, but osmotic milk must be combined with healthy water to play its role, we must remember its use method: milk first, then water, otherwise the effect will not be as good as expected! < / P > < p > you all know the famous fairy water of SK2 family? Polarization is very serious, in the eyes of oily skin is immortal water, in the eyes of dry skin is disaster water. And his tender skin is very strong, such as large pores on the face, serious oil, after using fairy water, skin state will be very refreshing, and the naked eye can see delicate. < / P > < p > with collagen milk, it can improve your skin texture and the problem of large pores. This emulsion is also a skin rejuvenation type. After using it, the skin is smooth, and has a little luster, but it is not glossy. When the two are used together for a period of time, it will be found that the skin has a kind of translucency besides the contents, and the oil production is reduced. < / P > < p > big brand water emulsion is more effective. After all, they are so expensive, but you should choose the right one. The skin problem of oily skin is not only external application, but also internal adjustment. Especially staying up late and eating every minute can make the face full of oil. Oily skin that often stays up late should also be found. We should pay attention to our daily work and rest and keep good living habits= https://luanban.com/pigtail-is-the-most-delicious-way-to-do-super-simple-women-often-eat-beauty-and-beauty-delay-aging/ target=_ blank>Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging