Exercise may accelerate your aging! These five wrong ways, I advise you to give up

The doctrine of the mean emphasizes that everything should be controlled by a certain degree. If it is too much, it is useless. So is exercise. As we all know, physical exercise has many benefits, but if we do not grasp the proper measure, the effect will be greatly reduced, and even bring great harm to the body.

many people think that exercise is good for health and can keep young, so they try to open the mode of “exercise for a while, exercise for a long time”. As everyone knows, exercise “posture” is not right, but will accelerate aging.

whether it is to lose weight or build a strong body, it is not appropriate to exercise too intensively, otherwise it will increase the content of cortisol in the blood and lead to the rise of blood sugar. When these sugars combine with collagen fibers, it will lead to the decrease of skin elasticity, wrinkles and spots, thus speeding up aging.

therefore, exercise needs to be moderate, at least one day a week, and the time of each exercise should not be too long. It’s better to take half an hour to one hour, and let the body rest halfway.

when exercising, incorrect posture can also bring negative effects. If you exercise in the wrong posture, it will lead to hunchback, and this kind of hunchback is permanent, so it looks older than your peers.

therefore, in order to avoid incorrect posture during exercise, it is best to exercise under the guidance of a professional coach, find out the deviation of various parts of the body, and then correct it. For those who have bad posture, they can be corrected by practicing yoga or Pilates.

of course, it’s also important to note that when practicing yoga or Pilates, it’s best to put on a yoga mat to prevent the floor from being too slippery and damaging the body, and it can also prevent the floor from being rough and the skin from being damaged by friction.

although many people insist on exercising every day, many people only do aerobic exercise. However, aerobic exercise alone is not enough. Anaerobic exercise can help you continue to burn calories without exercise. For example, strength training can help maintain muscle weight and make people look younger.

in fact, high-intensity intermittent exercise is very effective for anti-aging. It has been reported that about 50% of the elderly people who take high-intensity intermittent exercise can help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes.

the tightening of pelvic floor muscle can prevent women from abdominal obesity after entering middle age. Therefore, we must not ignore the tightening exercise of pelvic floor muscle. You can do anal lifting exercise 3 times a day, 3 groups each time, 10 times in each group.

women who insist on anus lifting exercise can not only prevent abdominal obesity, but also avoid urinary incontinence. It’s good to keep exercising, but how to grasp the intensity of exercise?

heart rate: for healthy people, the maximum heart rate is 208 – age * 0.7. When the amount of exercise reaches about 60% of the maximum heart rate, the body will start to consume a lot of fat. When it reaches more than 75% of the maximum heart rate, the body will consume not only fat but also protein.

therefore, 60% – 75% of the maximum heart rate is the best heart rate for aerobic exercise. To control the heart rate in this range is the best exercise intensity.

duration: the duration of different physical exercises is also different. Generally, it takes 20 to 40 minutes of continuous exercise to achieve the ideal effect of reducing fat. Under the condition of maintaining the best heart rate, adhere to a certain length of exercise to obtain the most ideal effect.

age: people of different ages are suitable for different ways of exercise. For teenagers, they are in an important stage of growth and development, and their muscle strength is relatively weak. Therefore, excessive surprise exercise should be avoided. It is better not to run for a long time, and diversified exercise should be preferred.

middle aged people should avoid exerting too much when exercising. For example, when playing ball games, they should not pursue victory or defeat too much to avoid accidents. For the elderly, exercise should be done according to their ability, try to do some low intensity exercise, such as walking.

we should pay more attention to the intensity of exercise. If people usually do less exercise, they should start from the projects with low intensity and difficulty, step by step, to feel that their heart beat and breath are speeding up, and they also start to sweat, but they will not feel tired or uncomfortable.

However, if you feel dyspnea and fatigue after exercise, and even affect your diet and sleep, it means that you are exercising too much and need to adjust in time. 2