Exfoliation is not as simple as you think!

Fairies, in addition to your daily skin care, in the process of facial care, have you ever heard of “exfoliation”! It’s impossible that I haven’t heard of it. Most of the time, as a skin care expert, they will suggest that you have this skin problem! It is “too thick skin”, the impurities on the face need to be cleaned up. It is recommended to buy this exfoliating product, which is super mild and effective. You can really see the dirty things washed out from the pores! I believe you ghost, salesman’s mouth, deceiving ghost! Today, I’ll take you to understand thoroughly what the cuticle is. Next time others advise you to exfoliate, please take out this article and think about it calmly!

cutin is actually what we often call dead skin. It belongs to the outermost layer of the epidermis of our skin. If the cuticle is too thick, the skin will turn yellow because it contains carotene. If it is too thick, it will affect the absorption of nutrition when doing skin care. The whole body has cutin, need to remove regularly, but should pay attention to the angle of “degree”, otherwise excessive exfoliation will damage our skin, when the time is not worth the loss.

2. Exfoliation can also promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, make the cell regeneration more smooth, and make the skin fresh and soft.

1. oily, neutral, mixed skin recommended to choose frosted, make-up water, mask type, exfoliating products, their cleaning effect is just.

3. It is recommended not to exfoliate acne and sensitive skin to avoid damaging the already weak skin barrier. If you really want to use it, it is recommended to use a mild exfoliating product.

1. Knead the exfoliating cream on the fingertips and use the temperature of the fingers to make it easier for the exfoliating cream to dissolve the corner bolt of the nose. Both sides of the nose are rubbed with cutin cream, and the bridge of the nose should be massaged for 2-3 minutes with the fingers on both sides. The time should not be too long.

2. The next step is the chin with thick cuticle. The lymph on both sides of the chin needs to be massaged in circles with exfoliating products, and the joints of fingers are used to press the two bones beside the cheek to drive away the dullness. At the same time, you can also have a small v-face!

3. The forehead is also a disaster area for grease secretion. You can massage from the corner of the eye to the forehead, and then from the forehead to the corner of the eye, and massage in circles three times with this contour.

stains cannot be removed by exfoliation because they are melanin deposits in the skin, and the stratum corneum is the outermost part of the skin. Daily exfoliation care, can only play a clean role, it is impossible to fundamentally treat stains.

exfoliation is also a course. You should know whether you need to exfoliate before you consider whether to exfoliate! All blind exfoliation behavior is to their own face does not pay attention to Oh! Today’s skin care sharing of exfoliation is over here. You can leave a message or private message in the comment area if you have any questions about skin care! I will reply to you as soon as I see it! Focus