Face value “high and low”? It turns out that these two features on the face are causing trouble, accounting for too many of them

After putting these two photos together, it is obvious that the reason why Yang Zi is “ugly and beautiful” is that her skin is “sometimes good and sometimes bad”. So her beauty is probably temporary. < / P > < p > the frequent oil production of the skin is usually due to the strong sebum secretion of the face, so if the skin is exposed to the sun, it will show a greasy feeling, then the skin may only be temporarily improved. < / P > < p > autumn is a season easy to be allergic, mainly because the pollen and dust spread faster at this time, which is easy to cover the face and produce allergic reactions. So if you are allergic in autumn, your skin will only get better temporarily. < / P > < p > in this way, do many girls find that their skin is only temporarily getting better? After all, greasy, allergic problems often appear on the face. < / P > < p > so you only need to improve the allergy and greasy condition, and your skin will naturally present a healthy, white and natural appearance! Let’s tell you the secret today! That is to use this Yongfang Pearl Flower Yan amino acid cleanser, the amino acid composition is very mild, can improve the skin’s sensitive problems and greasy Oh! < / P > < p > now you can look in the mirror to see if there are many protruding small particles on your face. These blemishes, in fact, are acne, acne, mites and closed mouth, usually accompanied by a certain sense of pruritus, making the skin very sensitive. < / P > < p > at the same time, because the coverage area of defects is relatively wide, it will cause the skin state to look very “unhealthy”. Then you can use this Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser to improve it. The ingredients added in it have a certain repairing effect on such defects and improve the skin condition! < / P > < p > the amino acids, the main ingredients, have the effect of moisturizing and nourishing, so when using, it can make the skin feel a mild feeling, at the same time, there is almost no irritation. Even the little sisters with very sensitive skin can use this cleanser! < / P > < p > therefore, most of the little sisters who have used Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser for a period of time find that their skin has changed qualitatively, becoming super smooth and delicate. < / P > < p > the main ingredients of Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser are potassium coconut acylglycine and sodium lauroyl amphoteric acetate, which can improve the skin sensitivity and dryness, so even in autumn, your skin is still very delicate! < / P > < p > and it also has a kind of Tiya bud, which can repair the skin. It can also help the sisters of acne and sensitive muscles. With the amino acids, the skin can become more healthy from the inside out! < / P > < p > now the season has gradually become cold, at the same time, the degree of humidity is also gradually increasing, so if the face is sensitive due to the environment, as well as the growth of mites, this Yongfang Pearl Flower Yan amino acid cleanser can properly inhibit this phenomenon!

because the cleaning strength of Yung Fang Pearl Flower amino acid cleansing milk is relatively small, so after adding water, you will find that it produces tiny bubbles. Well, it’s suitable for all skin types of little sisters. It’s very mild, and the flaws in the skin can be completely cleaned out! < / P > < p > after many tests, it is found that the pH value of Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser is also in the range of weak acid, which belongs to the skin tolerance index, so all girls with skin can use it! Boys are OK too! < / P > < p > a month later, many girls with many blemishes on their faces have achieved the results they want – their faces are very smooth and delicate, and their skin color has improved a lot. < / P > < p > Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser is also a facial cleanser for the general public, so you just need to wet it with water and then apply it on your face. To be rubbed, the skin will be able to completely clean the oil. < / P > < p > on the sales website of Yongfang pearl Huayan amino acid cleanser, we found that many users gave satisfactory answers, so if we can persist in using it, we can make the skin more smooth and delicate! < / P > < p > so click the link below to buy it! Now in the activity time, the daily activity price only needs 78 yuan, the link also can receive 40 yuan coupon, is super cost-effective! Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging