Fatty liver “favorite” these 5 habits, do not change, liver “quiet” can not

Fatty liver can not be ignored. Many people know that fatty liver is a reversible disease. Therefore, there is no special treatment after the occurrence of the disease, and there are still bad living habits, which may aggravate the condition of fatty liver. If the bad habits are not changed, the consequences will be unimaginable. So, got fatty liver which bad living habits need to be corrected in time? For people with fatty liver disease, we should not take it lightly because liver function will still decline in the process of fatty liver disease. If there is still high-fat diet behavior, will make the body obesity phenomenon more obvious, some people in the case of obesity is easy to form fatty liver, the degree of body obesity is directly proportional to the severity of fatty liver. < / P > < p > over dieting after the occurrence of fatty liver may make the disease continue to develop. Fatty liver disease is related to malnutrition. Many people are still over dieting in the process of fatty liver disease, and they are very thin and undernourished. In the case of excessive diet, protein deficiency will appear due to insufficient energy supply, which will affect liver function. Maybe fatty liver will become more and more obvious. < / P > < p > If fatty liver occurs in diabetic patients, we should pay attention to the stable control of blood glucose. Many people in the development of diabetes, blood sugar levels increased, but did not pay attention to the stable control of blood sugar, it is possible that in the case of blood sugar is still rising, let the body get obvious damage, fatty liver disease will be more obvious. Therefore, in diabetic patients with fatty liver, the most important thing is to control blood sugar, so that the condition can be improved. The incidence rate of fatty liver is always increased.

is always one disaster after another. The important organ of the liver itself is easily affected by the influence of alcohol substances. For those who are addicted to alcohol, the incidence of fatty liver will increase. < / P > < p > if you don’t know how to quit drinking and still drink a lot of alcohol, the liver cells may degenerate and necrosis, and the liver function will decrease after the effect of alcohol, and the condition of fatty liver will also aggravate. Therefore, it is necessary to change the bad habit of drinking after the appearance of fatty liver. < / P > < p > great care should be taken in the use of drugs to avoid successive liver damage. The development of fatty liver disease in some people is related to the improper use of drugs. In the process of some drugs affecting health, it will inhibit the synthesis of protein and aggravate fatty liver. < / P > < p > therefore, if you find that you have fatty liver which is threatening your health, you should know whether it is related to the effect of drugs and improve the condition through the correct medication, otherwise fatty liver will become more and more serious. Focus