Female friends, there are two “abnormal”, uterus or “injury”, don’t delay early examination

The uterus not only plays an important role in women’s detoxification, but also determines women’s body age. When the uterus is young, the body is young. The health of the uterus is very important to enhance the awareness of the importance of the uterus. To pay attention to women’s health, we should pay attention to uterine health first. < / P > < p > when women’s body appears some different performance than usual, maybe it is the uterus that tells us that it has already had health problems. We must not ignore these manifestations and seek medical examination in time. < / P > < p > if you find that leucorrhea is abnormal in your daily life, don’t take it lightly. Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea has no abnormal taste. We can know the physical condition through the change of leucorrhea, so we should pay attention to the change of leucorrhea. If the color of leucorrhea changes, such as yellow or green, and there is obviously abnormal taste, and the shape is like tofu dregs, you must seek medical advice in time, and do not despise the occurrence of this symptom. < / P > < p > if it is found that there is bleeding during the period when menstruation does not come. Or when doing intimate behavior with partner, as well as doing normal gynecological examination, there will be bleeding symptoms. Then the cervix may have had a health problem. We must stop procrastinating and see a doctor in time. < / P > < p > when you find the symptoms described above in your body, you must go for a regular examination. In addition, in our daily life, what can we do to prevent damage to the uterus and protect it? In fact, the following points should be done: < / P > < p > if we want to take good care of our uterus, we must pay attention to diet. In addition to changing some bad eating habits, for example, some female friends like to drink milk tea, cola, Sprite and other high sugar drinks, but also like to eat some high-fat food such as animal viscera, which will cause harm to the uterus. Stay away from this kind of food, you can eat more food that can help replenish qi and blood, such as the following food: < / P > < p > milk is often found on the breakfast table Yes, milk is good for your health. Drinking milk can supplement our body’s calcium and some vitamins, which can relieve women’s menstrual pain to a certain extent. But do not drink raw milk without high temperature boiling, hot milk is more beneficial to women’s health, and milk has a certain conditioning effect on women’s skin and endocrine. It can also prevent uterine cancer to a certain extent. < / P > < p > in daily drinking water, you might as well add some lemon slices, which not only has the effect of beauty, but also can improve the immunity of human body because it contains vitamin C, which is of great help to human health. Soybean products are rich in calcium and other nutrients needed by human body, which can stimulate the secretion of estrogen in human body. To a certain extent, it can protect our ovaries, and for women, it also has certain anti-aging effect, so we may as well let bean products appear on the table, such as some soybeans, tofu, bean sprouts and so on can eat more. The changes of menstruation are closely related to the health of uterus. In daily life, pay attention to any changes in menstruation. For example, the amount of menstruation, the color of menstrual blood, whether the length of menstrual period is normal, etc. Because if there is a different situation before, go to the hospital in time for examination, when the uterus has problems, will cause abnormal menstruation. At this time, we must go to the hospital to check to prevent more damage to the uterus. < / P > < p > check the uterus regularly. Because when the uterus appears disease, sometimes the symptoms are easy to be ignored. Therefore, if we want to timely detect the health of the uterus, we must regularly check the uterus to understand the real situation of the uterus. Timely detection of abnormalities, but also timely treatment, to protect women’s health. Especially for the female friends who have sex life, uterine examination is one of the indispensable necessary examinations, at least once a year. < / P > < p > through some scientific and reasonable exercise, can help the uterus play a good maintenance effect. For example, you can do more aerobic exercise every day. Walking, jogging and yoga are good for the health of the uterus. < / P > < p > it is urgent to protect the uterus, because only when the uterus is healthy can women’s physical condition be healthier and more attractive. In daily life, we should not only pay attention to some changes in the body, but also do some understanding of the uterus, and know what “reminders” the body will have when the uterus has health problems. In terms of diet, we should pay more attention not to eat food that is harmful to the uterus, and keep away from such foods as raw and cold, high fat and high sugar content. Eat more nourishing food to Nourish Qi and blood, protect the uterus, starting from caring about it, starting from diet. If you eat a healthy diet, your uterus will be healthy. Focus