Female palace cold, the body of these symptoms, be careful of infertility, I hope you have not a!

Introduction: the uterus is a unique organ for women, and it is also the place that women are most concerned about. Therefore, for every woman, the health of the uterus is very important. Once there is a problem, it may cause trouble to the future life. As far as modern people are concerned, more and more women are troubled by uterine diseases. In order to avoid various diseases in the body, women patients can take some measures. If they do not pay attention to it, it will lead to more serious diseases.

generally speaking, the color of the lips of women is deepened, which indicates that your body has given you a warning. If the color of lips is too deep and there is fracture or defect, it may represent the condition of cold palace and blocked Qi and blood. Due to anemia and heart circulation system disease caused by the color obviously pale, to become ruddy lips, usually in life can drink more water, drink warm water, dry lips can wipe some lip oil.

if the uterus is not good, it will increase the number of leucorrhea in women, and there will be yellow or peculiar smell symptoms. If it is serious, it will cause itching. Therefore, for girls, it is necessary to protect their own uterus. If the uterus is not good, it will bring great harm to the body. Therefore, women must pay attention to the changes of uterus in their daily life situation.

now, many women with uterine cold have their menstruation delayed, at least 10 days or more than two or three months, which will cause great harm to our body, because the toxins in the body can not be discharged. In addition, due to the low temperature of uterus caused by uterine cold, it is not suitable for fetal growth, even if pregnant, it is easy to miscarriage, so women with uterine cold need to pay special attention to eat less cold food at ordinary times.

if you have time in the morning, you can cook a little with jujube and ginger water every morning. Drinking a cup every morning can effectively expel the cold and relieve the pain of menstrual period. If you don’t have time to drink a cup of warm water, it’s OK. Water is the source of life. Every woman must drink 8 glasses of water every day. As long as the uterus is healthy, your youth and beauty will come back.

it is very important to soak feet, which can promote blood circulation. Its benefits are not only for women, but also for men, women, old and young. For women, especially the palace cold, adhere to the morning and evening bubble once a day, will help the body’s cold discharge.

for women, they are sedentary at work every day and their blood is not smooth. They should do some physical exercise and aerobics every day. Daily exercise time does not need to be too long, half an hour can, if long time does not exercise will cause the body blood circulation not to circulate, also easy to suffer from cervical spondylosis, the body is abnormal uncomfortable. Female friends must insist on physical exercise every day.

the female uterus is a very important organ, which bears the responsibility of inheriting the family. Once the uterus has problems, various unexpected conditions will appear in various organs of the body. It is highly recommended by the old Chinese medicine to regulate the body by dietotherapy. If many women often drink tea to maintain the uterus and solve dysmenorrhea, it is a very good thing for regulating women’s health. And in China, longan, jujube, medlar, chrysanthemum, double rose, dried ginger and other ingredients are very helpful for regulating women’s body. These are recorded in the literature. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

soaking these ingredients together can nourish Qi and blood, and also remove the cold Qi in the body. But most of my friends at work said that they didn’t have time to prepare food materials and the production process was troublesome. Even if it was finished, it was inconvenient to carry. Tea bag is not only full of ingredients, boiling water can be drunk, easy to carry, 1 cup a day, let you look radiant.

conclusion: women naturally need more care and protection, especially if they want to be good to themselves. No one else can replace them for any physical problems. Uterus and menstruation are women’s obligations and privileges. No matter how hard you try to keep your health, you can’t make too much effort. Remember the tea mentioned above, and insist on drinking more for a period of time. Finally, I wish you all the best Happy every day! Focus