Female upper ring, how does it affect the body? Do four things well, your body will suffer less

If women want to contraception after marriage, most of them will use the upper ring contraceptive method, that is, the contraceptive ring is placed inside the uterine cavity to achieve contraceptive effect. This method of contraception is relatively simple and convenient, with a high contraceptive rate, which is popular among married women without fertility requirements. < / P > < p > generally speaking, most women will not feel uncomfortable because of wearing the upper ring, but some women will have various discomfort symptoms after wearing the ring. < / P > < p > the success rate of this contraceptive method is very high. However, there are still women who do not use the contraceptive ring in our life, and they will still be pregnant after wearing the IUD, which has a great relationship with the improper wearing of the contraceptive ring. Some of the contraceptive rings are too large, and after wearing them, they will shift and fall off. Then they will lose the contraceptive effect and cause unexpected pregnancy There are fertility requirements of accidental pregnancy, then there is bound to be abortion surgery, which has a greater impact on women’s health. < / P > < p > this is a problem that most women will encounter after wearing the ring. In the first three months after wearing the ring, most women will have a sudden increase in menstrual volume, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain and prolonged menstruation. Some women will have irregular bleeding symptoms, which will return to normal after three months, but some women will continue to have these symptoms. < / P > < p > in addition, uterine perforation may be caused by strenuous exercise and loss of contraceptive ring after IUD insertion, and patients will have sudden abdominal pain. Once this problem occurs, they will be admitted to hospital for examination and timely treatment. < / P > < p > sexual life is prohibited within one month after the IUD. The cervix is in a slightly dilated state after the IUD. If sexual life occurs at this time, bacteria will be brought into the uterus and cause inflammation. In addition, after the ring and to do a good job in personal hygiene, daily use warm water to clean private parts, frequently change underwear, and in a week can not bath, to avoid infection. < / P > < p > women’s body will be in a weak state, at least two weeks to avoid fatigue, pay attention to rest, also do not do some bending, squatting, jumping such large movements, avoid increasing abdominal pressure, prevent bleeding caused by inflammation, as well as birth control ring fall off or displacement. < / P > < p > within a week after the first ring, you should properly supplement nutrition by eating more food rich in iron, such as pig liver and spinach. In addition, lean meat and eggs should be eaten properly every day. The protein content of these foods is high, which has a good recovery effect on health. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid spicy, raw and cold food. < / P > < p > after applying the ring, you must pay attention to your own situation. If vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain is serious after applying the ring, you should see a doctor quickly for examination. After three months, if the menstrual volume continues to increase, the menstrual period is prolonged, or accompanied by low back pain, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. If it is caused by the contraceptive ring, it should be considered to remove the contraceptive ring, otherwise it will have a greater impact on health. < / P > < p > to sum up, female upper ring will have certain impact on the body, so after putting on the ring, it is necessary to do these four things well to ensure their own health, and to ensure that the contraceptive ring will not fall off or shift, resulting in unexpected pregnancy. < / P > < p > in addition, we must choose the regular hospital upper ring, and do not go to some private hospitals in small places, so as to avoid improper operation or improper birth control ring, which may cause great harm to the body. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so