Fetal weight indicates physical condition, health signs have a way, too light and too heavy are not good

It is also the focus of pregnant women. Especially when the doctor says that the weight of the fetus is too light, pregnant mothers will easily fall into the anxiety of worrying about fetal dysplasia. In fact, the weight of the fetus can really indicate the physical condition of the little guys, but when Xiaoyun was doing the pregnancy test, the doctor reminded that the weight of the fetus was a little light, and the doctor thought that it might be related to the obvious reaction of Xiaoyun to vomiting. So the doctor suggested that Xiao Yun should have a light diet to ensure adequate nutrition intake. After hearing the doctor say that the fetal weight is a little light, Xiao Yun fell into deep anxiety. Xiao Yun worried that the child’s development would be affected, so he decided to make up for the weight of Taibao. After the early pregnancy, Xiao Yun’s appetite became better, and her distressed pregnancy vomiting was not so obvious. So Xiao Yun started the crazy tonic mode, not only three meals a day increased to four meals a day, but also had some desserts in the afternoon tea. So soon it’s time for the next pregnancy test.

after examination, the doctor found that Taibao was overweight by Xiaoyun in this month, and Xiaoyun’s whole body has gained a lot of weight. Xiao Yun thought that this time the development of Taibao should be no problem, after all, the weight has been made up. But unexpectedly, the doctor said, “now you and the fetus are too heavy, and fetal overweight will also affect development.” After listening to what the doctor said, Xiao Yun became anxious again.

the doctor finally suggested that Xiao Yun said, “during pregnancy, it’s more appropriate for the pregnant mother to increase her weight by about 0.4KG per week, so that she won’t be overweight or light.” After listening to the doctor’s guidance, Xiao Yun felt that he had the goal of weight control during pregnancy.

if the pregnant mother has malnutrition, anemia and pregnancy complications, the fetal weight is likely to be underweight. In addition, we do not rule out the possibility of abnormal placental or umbilical cord function, because if there is such abnormal function, even if the pregnant mother eats more, the fetal weight will not increase significantly.

when the pregnant mother takes in too much nutrition during pregnancy, it may also cause the occurrence of over nutrition. Pregnant mother’s daily diet contains a lot of high calorie, high-fat food collocation, fetal weight is easy to be affected. Excessive nutrition of pregnant women will not only cause their own body obesity, but also the situation of fetal overweight will be more prone to occur.

the overweight of the fetus will increase the burden of pregnancy, making the pregnancy more difficult, such as daily mobility. In addition, the overweight of the fetus will also increase the difficulty of delivery. For example, it is easier to cause dystocia when giving birth naturally. For example, it increases the probability of vaginal laceration and other unexpected conditions when giving birth.

when the fetus is in the stage of rapid development, underweight is likely to be accompanied by malnutrition, and when the fetus is not fully nourished, it will undoubtedly affect the normal development of the fetus, such as growth retardation and so on. Because the fetus is too light in the intrauterine development is limited, the fetus after birth will also be affected negatively, such as weak constitution, weak resistance and so on.

there is a certain correlation between fetal weight and fetal development health. It is necessary for pregnant women to pay more attention to fetal weight change during pregnancy, follow the guidance of doctors, adhere to healthy eating habits, and reasonably control the weight gain during pregnancy. What knowledge do you share about fetal weight? CUISINE&HEALTH