Finnish airport arranges four dogs to detect the new coronavirus for passengers, local officials praise it as “very economical”

According to the associated press, four well-trained dogs will be stationed at Helsinki Airport from September 23. Instead of other detection methods, they will use their sense of smell to identify passengers who may be infected with the new coronavirus at the airport.

although researchers from Australia, France, Germany and the United States are studying how to make dogs become “detectors” of the new coronavirus, the four month experiment in Finland is one of the largest so far. The Finnish olfactory testing Association sent four different breeds of dogs, all trained to detect cancer, diabetes or other diseases. The four dogs will “work” in Helsinki Airport and will be divided into two groups to implement “shift system”.

according to the introduction, during the detection process, passengers will not have direct physical contact with dogs. According to the requirements, passengers should wipe their skin with a towel, and then put the towel in a jar. The staff will take the jar to another room where the dog is. Dogs only need 10 seconds to sniff out the results. They will give the results by grabbing, lying down, barking or other means. The whole process will not take more than one minute. If the result is “positive”, the staff will carry out nucleic acid test for the passenger to confirm the accuracy.

Timo alonqito, deputy mayor of vanta, where Helsinki Airport is located, said the project will cost 300000 euros, which is “very cost-effective” compared with other large-scale detection methods. Home