Fitness goddess Chen Nuanyang, clearly can rely on the face to eat, but rely on the body, is so excellent!

With the popularity of fitness culture, most people no longer reject fitness. The figure of those women in Europe and America has almost become the perfect figure in most people’s eyes. As long as the figure is not exaggerated, they will not look at them in a different way. Under the influence of aesthetics, many girls in China do not pay attention to strength training and never think of shaping. They are even afraid of strength training because they are afraid of building a “King Kong Barbie” figure. Therefore, we see many girls in the gym. Although they go to the gym to punch in every day, most of them only train in the aerobic zone and never touch the strength zone.

strength training will lead to strong muscle figure? Such a view is wrong. Today, let’s introduce a familiar fitness goddess, Chen Nuanyang.

she is the founder of the runaway Lori brand and a fitness expert with more than 3 million fans. Born in 1990, she is now 30 years old, but her figure remains perfect, which is particularly in line with Asian aesthetic standards. Although most of us come to see the beauty of our beauty. But Chen Wenyang is not the same. She is born with a super high appearance, and has been a beauty since childhood.

let’s take a look at Chen Wenyang’s figure, perfect waistcoat line. There is not a trace of flesh on the whole figure, and the muscles will not be exaggerated. Although the buttocks are not very full, they are still in perfect proportion. They are especially in line with the aesthetic sense of Asian people. They are simply a perfect goddess!

with the increasing popularity of Chen Nuanyang, he has been recognized by most people. In particular, the girls take her as an example, through the persistence of fitness, the body training more perfect. Of course, Chen is never stingy. He often shares fitness content on social platforms, teaches people how to build a good body, and points out which mistakes are most likely to make mistakes, so that fans can avoid detours. Because of this, Chen Wenyang was praised by most people.

Chen Wenyang once said that when he was exercising at the beginning, he was also in the mood of a third degree of enthusiasm. However, with the increase in the length of fitness, the figure is getting better and better. Chen found that he was totally in love with fitness, which has become an indispensable part of life.

although Chen’s body was not very fat before he did exercise, he did not look so delicate as he is now. The whole body appears flabby skin, obvious abdominal fat, buttocks also appear very flat, in a word, with ordinary people no different.

when Chen Wenyang first got into fitness, he only did aerobic exercise, but his figure did not change except for his weight loss. Therefore, under the guidance of fitness coaches, they began to contact strength training. After long-term strength training, Chen Wenyang’s weight has not changed much, but her figure has changed greatly.

therefore, girls should not be afraid of strength training. They will not be able to build strong muscles and shape their bodies better. Why don’t Girls worry about building strong muscles through strength training? In short, there are differences between men and women.

strength training can naturally improve the muscle content of the body. However, due to the relatively low testosterone level in girls, it is difficult to build strong muscles

testosterone is a hormone promoting muscle growth, while the testosterone level in girls is only one-fifth of that in boys. Therefore, if you want to build strong muscles, you must pay 15 times more than boys The effort.

so, don’t be afraid of strength training any more. During the fitness period, strength training can make your body better. Here is a group of fitness clock in movements, each action for 20-30 seconds, a total of three groups of cycles. 08/17/2020