Five symptoms at the same time? Unfortunately to inform you, your cancer may have recurred!

Cancer patients are most afraid of recurrence and metastasis, however, this is the “characteristics” of cancer cells, how to prevent recurrence is an extremely concerned issue for each patient and their families. < p > < p > first of all, cancer occurs because the patient’s body has become a suitable environment for the growth of cancer cells, also known as cancerous constitution. Although the tumor resection operation has been completed and the cancer cells in the patient’s body have been removed, the patient’s internal environment has not changed, so new cancer cells may appear, leading to cancer recurrence. Secondly, the characteristic of cancer cells is an important reason for cancer recurrence. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells can proliferate indefinitely, with almost no limit in number. At the same time, the surface of cancer cells is lack of adhesion molecules, which means that cancer cells do not adhere to the basement membrane like normal cells, which is conducive to the metastasis and diffusion of cancer cells. In addition, cancer cells can secrete chemicals, which can pass through obstacles such as blood vessel walls. These characteristics of cancer cells make them likely to “start a new stove” in another corner of the body, leading to cancer recurrence. Thirdly, the immunity of cancer patients is low. Normal people will not stop metabolism every day, every day in the formation of new cells, there are always some uncontrolled mutation, into cancer cells. Under normal circumstances, a small amount of cancer cells can be monitored and cleared by the immune system in time. However, some cancer patients can not eliminate cancer cells because of the decline of immunity caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, resulting in tumor re formation in the body. < / P > < p > finally, unhealthy lifestyle. Modern people suffer from cancer, most of which are related to bad living habits, and the recurrence of cancer is partly due to it. Therefore, experts suggest that patients, even after rehabilitation and discharge, should be far away from carcinogenic factors, correct bad habits, so as to stay away from cancer. < p > < p > vital signs of patients are important indicators to measure the patient’s physical condition. The main symptoms include body weight loss, unexplained bleeding, drowsiness, unexplained fever and severe pain. < / P > < p > it is the most scientific to judge whether the cancer recurrence or not by medical examination. Tumor marker examination, imaging examination and other professional examinations can accurately detect the recurrence of cancer in a short period of time. For example, if cancer patients have increased tumor markers during regular review, they must be vigilant. < / P > < p > many cancer patients will experience tumor resection and other operations, during the recovery period, there are many aspects need to be paid attention to. Including wound care, limb edema protection and limb function exercise. The first is wound care. In the process of wound care, patients need to pay attention to the cleaning and drying of the wound to prevent the occurrence of pus and swelling. Some patients may need to use drainage tube, the purpose is to remove the fluid, blood in the wound, promote recovery, so in the nursing period, it is necessary to pay attention to fix the drainage tube to prevent it from blocking or falling off. < / P > < p > some patients may have edema of lower limbs after operation, which is caused by the obstruction of lymph flow. Therefore, patients need to avoid wearing tight clothing, high-intensity exercise and high-temperature environment. < / P > < p > the physical recovery of patients after surgery is closely related to whether to carry out effective functional exercise. Therefore, patients need to pay attention to moderate exercise or simple housework, but remember to do as much as possible. Chemotherapy is one of the common means of cancer treatment, but chemotherapy can bring many side effects to the human body, including nausea, vomiting, decreased immunity level, dizziness, fever and so on. In addition, during the period of chemotherapy, patients need to pay attention to the regular review of blood routine, monitoring the level of white blood cells in the body. < / P > < p > in the process of chemotherapy, patients also need to pay attention to healthy diet. Choose light food and healthy fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamins and dietary fiber. In addition, try to avoid high oil, high fat and high cholesterol food to avoid the burden on the body. < / P > < p > in the process of conditioning, patients should pay attention not to catch a cold or have a fever, and pay attention to keep the skin clean at the puncture point of chemotherapy to prevent infection. Once you find abnormal phenomena in your body, you should seek the help of doctors and other professionals in time. The treatment of cancer is accompanied by medication. When taking medicine, it is better to take warm boiled water instead of milk, tea and other drinks. Attention should be paid to the interaction between different drugs to avoid the conflict of efficacy caused by taking multiple drugs at the same time. Nowadays, everyone hears that cancer changes color, but in fact, for doctors, cancer is not so terrible. As long as early treatment is needed, it can be recovered by finding the right professional doctor. Of course, after recovery does not mean that “antibodies” will be formed. Once you continue to contact carcinogens, it is still possible to “attract” cancer. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this