For the first time, I was disgusted by the people who advocated natural birth, because I was ridiculed by my mother-in-law in the month of caesarean section

It’s a great thing to be pregnant and have children. Every mother has to pay the price of physical and mental exhaustion to give birth to a new life. But I don’t know when many people have reached a consensus that natural birth is better than caesarean section, and even some people look down on cesarean section mothers. Not long ago, Qingqing was promoted to be a mother, but her whole childbirth process was ups and downs, which made her understand some things. During the whole process of pregnancy, what Qingqing did was to prepare for natural delivery. However, because of uterine inertia and poor mental state, she was recommended by the doctor to be converted to cesarean section. Qingqing’s husband signed it quickly, but her mother-in-law was reluctant. During the process of changing the delivery room, she had been persuading Qingqing’s family to give birth naturally, and others would look down on her if she said it. Finally, tired Qingqing squeezed out a sentence from his mouth: “I am the next child, not to be greater.”. < p > < p > on the third day after giving birth, her mother-in-law still murmured in front of her bed that “other women can give birth naturally, but you can’t”. The words were full of sarcasm, which made Qingqing cold. She later said that was the first time that she hated people who advocated natural childbirth. < / P > < p > there was another time when Qingqing took her children to a parent-child activity. When several mothers heard that she was having a cesarean section, she showed disdain and superiority again. This time, Qingqing was angry and said, “Caesarean section is not less offended than your natural birth, let alone spend your family’s money. Why do you look down on our caesarean section?” All of a sudden, all around calm down, and finally someone made a voice for caesarean section. It can be said that the people who choose caesarean section are for themselves and for their lives, and they can’t be blamed for being selfish. It is true that some pregnant mothers choose cesarean section out of fear of pain, but most of them prefer natural delivery, but in many cases they have no choice. < / P > < p > fetal oversize, umbilical cord around the neck, fetal position is not correct, poor spirit, lack of labor, uterine atony, fetal breech position, transverse position and other reasons, may lead to difficulties in natural labor. At this time, we must follow the doctor’s advice, and do not hesitate. What the child needs most is a healthy mother. < / P > < p > many people still have a misunderstanding about caesarean section. They think that cesarean section is just a knife with anesthesia, which is not painful or itchy, just like no birth. Little did not know, this knife goes down to cut 7 layers of tissue, cut 7 layers and sew 7 layers. Because everyone’s tolerance to anesthetic is different, some cesarean section mothers will still feel pain when they are given anesthetic. The pain of cesarean section begins when the anesthetic strength passes. In addition to knife edge pain, there are also uterine contraction pain, catheter insertion pain, abdominal pain, and stomachache caused by being unable to eat for a long time < / P > < p > in a word, even if natural childbirth is very good, I hope you don’t blindly advocate it, and never give birth for the sake of natural birth, because no matter which mode of production you choose, whether it is active or passive choice, it will not affect the greatness of the role of mother. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!