For women who have passed childbirth, these three places are obvious. The doctor said frankly: there is no way to hide them

Now everyone’s concept is very open, premarital cohabitation is very normal, even cohabitation trial marriage. And some girls may have unexpected pregnancy, at this time may choose to go to the hospital abortion. But the traces of abortion may not be eliminated. < / P > < p > when Xiao Lin was in college, he talked about his boyfriend without telling his family, and they had eaten forbidden fruit for four years. However, after graduation, because her boyfriend insisted on going back to her hometown for development, they had to break up. After several years of working in his hometown, Xiao Lin is also faced with the dilemma of being urged to marry by his parents. In desperation, Kobayashi agreed to a blind date. After several blind dates, Kobayashi chose a man with good conditions. < / P > < p > due to the man’s introverted and honest personality, he has never been in love, and his family also hopes to find a girl who has never been in love, so that the two sides can gradually develop their relationship. And the relationship between Xiaolin and her new boyfriend is gradually on the right track. When they talk about marriage, the man’s family hopes that both sides will have their own physical examination, which can also reassure the adults of both sides. But Kobayashi began to hesitate. It turned out that she was accidentally pregnant once when she was in University. At that time, she had a miscarriage without telling her family. This time, it was easy to show her flaws when she went to the physical examination. < / P > < p > after much consideration, Kobayashi confessed all this to her boyfriend, saying that she was ignorant and had miscarried when she was young in college. If her boyfriend really can’t accept it, they’d better separate. The man was surprised at the beginning and said he would calm down for a few days. But the man finally had feelings for Xiao Lin, see Xiao Lin is so sincere, or decided to forgive her, two people slowly start a new life. Kobayashi also breathed a sigh of relief, glad that his vision was finally better once. < / P > < p > however, in reality, there are few people with strong tolerance like Xiao Lin’s boyfriend, and abortion also does harm to women’s body. I hope girls don’t hurt their body blindly. Some doctors also admitted that there are three obvious places for women who have gone through childbirth, which can not be concealed at all. < / P > < p > women who have experienced abortion surgery will have obvious changes in their body. If the choice of abortion in early pregnancy, doctors will mostly use curettage for abortion. Curettage is to clean up the undeveloped fetus in the uterus, first use drugs to make the fetus lose life, and then use surgical tools to clean up the remaining fetus. < / P > < p > the uterus with rough folds will also be scraped very flat, dry and smooth, which makes it more difficult to conceive successfully. If the abortion is carried out when the month is relatively large, then it is necessary to do the induced labor operation which is almost the same as the normal production, and the cervix of women will also have obvious changes. The cervix which was originally closed will expand, and the doctor can find it at a glance. < / P > < p > generally, women who have experienced abortion have irregular menstruation, and they often have blood stasis and blood clots, which can be observed by the girls themselves. Some women even have amenorrhea, which makes it very difficult for them to have children again. Because multiple abortions can damage the endometrial basal layer of women, if the endometrium of girls can not regenerate, there may be irregular menstruation or even amenorrhea. < / P > < p > now many hospitals have begun to use electronic medical records. The doctor will know your past medical history or surgery as soon as he checks it. And when seeing other symptoms, the doctor should also refer to the past medical history and surgery, and then decide how to make a treatment plan for you. So, you can’t hide your past in the medical record book, unless you have an operation in a small clinic. But don’t get away with it. The doctor can still see the clue by looking at it. < / P > < p > I hope that every girl should take good care of her body. Even if she is happy with her lover, she should not do it at the cost of damaging her health. The necessary measures should be taken. Otherwise, in the end, you will only regret yourself, not others! 08/16/2020