Forty million women around the world are experiencing menstrual poverty. It’s nothing to buy 100 sanitary napkins for 20 yuan

According to the news, there are shops selling sanitary napkins in bulk. You can buy 100 of them for 21.99 yuan, and they are also free mailed. One sanitary napkin is about 20 cents. Online stores selling sanitary napkins in bulk like this sell 200-300 pieces a month, and nearly 800 items have more reviews.

some netizens questioned in the product review area: “how dare you use such a cheap Sanwu product? How dare you buy it? “Two customers who have bought it replied that” life is hard “and” I have difficulties “.

another point of concern is whether these loose sanitary napkins are Sanwu products and whether they may bring unnecessary physical diseases to the women who use them. The owner of one of the online stores said, “we have our own brand, factory disinfection certificate, factory production license and test report.”. However, the person in charge of the company shown on the hygiene license hanging out of the shop said that it had never authorized the store and had not produced sanitary napkins in bulk.

some netizens think that if the sanitary problems of bulk sanitary napkins are worrying, then those female groups who buy and use them will face additional risks of physical diseases. Is it not worth the loss if they try to get cheap but get sick?

However, some netizens think that for the bulk sanitary napkin incident, people should pay more attention to the basic physiological needs of women in poor areas, rather than focusing on the shops. If the shops are closed, poor women will have no access to sanitary napkins.

Moreover, they all began to look for cheap sanitary napkins on the Internet, which shows that they are more concerned about the inconvenience of life caused by the lack of sanitary napkins, and whether they will get sick or not is the risk they are willing to take. What can they do when they are poor and have difficulties? It’s better to have something than nothing?

in a woman’s life, the average menstrual period is 2535 days, equivalent to nearly seven years in her life. If a woman begins menstruation at the age of 12 and stops at the age of 55, she will spend about 14702 yuan in her lifetime on sanitary products. Women with large flow need more sanitary napkins.

Moreover, the normal menstrual bleeding volume of an adult woman is 20-80 ml. ideally, the sanitary napkin should be replaced every 2-3 hours. Although the replacement frequency of tampons and menstrual cups is small and can be reused, the popularity rate in China is not high, and most women still choose to use sanitary napkins.

so, how many women can’t afford sanitary napkins? According to the data, 40 million women are experiencing menstrual poverty. In low – and middle-income countries, more than 50% of women choose to make their own menstrual hygiene products. Some women may be willing to use only one sanitary napkin a day. Some women will use self-made menstrual belt, some women do not even have a clean cloth.

the doctors in Indian films said that every month, 10-12 women in local hospitals get sick because they can’t afford sanitary napkins and use dirty cloth, leaves, dust, etc. during their physiological period. Some of them can’t bear children at a young age, and some will die because of this. The situation is very serious.

don’t think that such a situation only exists in India, or in films, TV dramas and other art works. Girls in remote rural areas in China are also suffering from this situation.

not to mention sanitary napkins, even underwear, some children can not afford to wear. According to the data in, 11.6% of the left behind girls occasionally wear underwear, 4.79% of the left behind girls never wear underwear, while 22.06% of the left behind girls only change their underwear once a week, and 2.9% of the left behind girls only wash their underwear once a week.

when their parents are not around and the school does not teach them, what should they do when they are facing their first menarche? What channels should be used to obtain enough physiological products? In the absence of sanitary napkins, these girls can only be forced to miss school during menstruation, sometimes even drop out of school.

but the probability of these girls using online shopping platform is small, and express delivery is also difficult to send to some remote mountainous areas. It is really possible for these girls to buy and use these loose sanitary napkins. It is women from poor families living in cities.

in May this year, a group of data disclosed at the press conference of the third session of the 13th National People’s congress showed that although many girls can afford sanitary napkins, there are still many people living on the poverty line. Sanitary napkins are necessities of life, but they can’t really afford them.

this group of data shows that at present, there are 600 million people with low and middle income in China, and their average monthly income is about 1000 yuan. How many of these 600 million are women? How can they squeeze out tens of yuan to buy sanitary napkins after deducting the household, food and housing expenses from the 1000 yuan income?

when teenage girls have menarche, they are usually told to walk carefully, not to let blood on their pants to be found, and not to take out sanitary napkins publicly. When people of the same age express their menstrual period, they don’t know “menstrual period”, but use “big aunt”, “good friend”, or even more obscure “that”.

for women in menstruation, people will avoid it even more. In India, girls with menstruation have to live in a “menstrual hut”, which is far away from people’s living areas. It has no food and drink supplies, no toilets, no heating and protective equipment, and its area is not very large. Every year, women are frozen to death or frostbite in menstrual cottages, attacked by wild animals and even raped.

in modern life, there will be many men who call women in menstruation as “female tigers”. They think that women in this period are short tempered and easy to get angry. The farther away, the better. However, no one thought to care more about them, even if it was just a cup of hot water.

when adolescent girls just come to menstruation, boys in the class will steal girls’ sanitary napkins and play around in class as molestation to girls. However, they regard this as a joke that is not worth mentioning. In the eyes of women, it is an insult of dignity.

therefore, in this public opinion environment, women themselves have gradually become silent and shameful about their body changes. They have to sneak up to take sanitary napkins when going to the bathroom. They dare not be found out that they are in menstrual period. Even so, they still don’t get respect from others.

women’s normal physiological needs have become dirty words that people avoid. During the anti epidemic period, some people said that the sanitary napkins of female doctors and nurses were not enough, and they would also be commented that “people’s lives can’t be saved, and they still care about the crotch.”. But no one wants to know what kind of physical suffering these hard-working female medical staff will suffer without sanitary napkins.

menstruation is not a matter of shame. Women’s physical needs need to be respected and addressed by the society. Although many netizens are calling for the price reduction of sanitary napkins, in fact, the more effective way to improve the quality of life of women at the bottom of the society is to let them go to school and work to earn money and improve their purchasing power. When they change their living conditions through their own efforts, they will no longer think that sanitary napkins are something they can’t afford. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here