Four parts of the body become black, maybe it means that the liver is not good! Protect the liver and nourish the liver!

Today’s fast-paced life leads to many people’s daily behaviors of injuring the liver, such as staying up late, drinking too much, irregular diet and so on, which leads to liver injury, fatty liver and so on. The liver is also an organ of detoxification and metabolism. If the liver is not good, the garbage toxins in the body will accumulate, which will affect the health of the body, and may cause some discomfort. However, many people are not satisfied Know how to judge the health of the liver. In fact, some signals from the body can help us judge the quality of the liver. If the following signals appear, it means that you need to nourish the liver. < / P > < p > the liver plays an important role in iron metabolism, and iron is usually accumulated in the liver. If the liver cells are damaged, the iron in the liver cells will flow into the blood vessels, increasing the iron content in the blood, resulting in a dark face. < / P > < p > the facial features of liver diseases are that the color of the facial skin gradually darkens, the face turns black without luster, the elasticity is poor, the skin is dry and rough, and even the “bronze” face appears. Some face or tip of the nose appear small telangiectasia, like a delicate network. < / P > < p > it is well known that people tend to have dark circles after staying up late, but if they don’t stay up late, the dark circles are serious, it is likely that the liver is not good. < / P > < p > nails appear black spots, become weak and easy to break, which proves that liver blood is insufficient. If nails appear dark brown spots, it means that there are signs of hepatitis or liver cirrhosis. < / P > < p > people with unobstructed Qi and blood in the viscera have pale pink lips with a certain luster. When the liver is not good, it will cause liver qi stagnation and blood flow is not smooth, resulting in black or purple lips. < / P > < p > when the liver is not good, the content of urea nitrogen and ammonia in the blood will increase, and this part of the material will be discharged with our breathing, resulting in halitosis, and it can not be solved by cleaning the mouth. < / P > < p > when the liver is bad, the body sends out a bad smell, which is different from the body odor. The body odor has been a phenomenon for many years, but the body odor caused by the liver is sudden. < / P > < p > so if you suddenly find that your body odor is getting heavier and has a tendency to get worse, you should be alert. This is because when the liver is damaged, because it is difficult to play the normal detoxification effect, it will transfer heat to other parts of the body, and the body will try to cool itself by excessive sweating, resulting in excessive body odor. < / P > < p > grape: it is a common fruit, which contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements, iron, potassium, calcium and other mineral elements, and can supplement nutrition for human body. In addition, it also contains polyphenols, which is a natural free radical scavenger with strong antioxidant activity. It can regulate liver function, resist or reduce the damage of free radicals to liver cells, and has good effect in nourishing liver and protecting liver. < / P > < p > banana: banana has low calorie but high nutritional value. Vitamin B1 and E can help liver metabolize alcohol, promote liver cell regeneration and improve immunity. It is also a fruit for nourishing liver. < / P > < p > pineapple: pineapple contains an enzyme similar to gastric juice, which can decompose protein, help digestion and reduce the digestive burden of liver. < / P > < p > the above are several common fruits that can nourish the liver and protect the liver. Those who nourish the liver and like to eat fruits can eat them often. Of course, there are many other fruits that can also nourish the liver. This article will not list them one by one. When choosing fruits, pay attention to the fresh and mature ones. If some parts of the fruits are moldy, they should be disposed of completely and can’t be eaten any more, because moldy food is easy to cause cancer. Other parts look normal and have been polluted. < / P > < p > drinking more tea is conducive to the metabolism of toxins in the body, which can help reduce the burden of the liver. Regular drinking of dandelion honeysuckle tea can supplement some choline, selenium and flavonoids to the body, protect the liver, reduce the pressure of the liver, promote the excretion of toxins in the body, and improve liver function. According to Li Shizhen’s records, dandelion root, honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Lycium barbarum, red dates and licorice have the function of nourishing liver and protecting liver. Making tea with these ingredients can help the liver clean up the garbage toxin and reduce the pressure on the liver. This is also a small classic prescription for nourishing liver commonly used by traditional Chinese medicine. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows: < / P > < p > honeysuckle: can clear away the garbage toxin At the same time, it can also alleviate the damage of drugs and other substances to the liver. It is especially suitable for removing hepatotoxicity. < / P > < p > jujube: jujube is rich in protein. For women, it is a good liver nourishing product, and it has a good effect on improving the liver. Therefore, it is suggested that if the liver is not good, you can eat some jujube in an appropriate amount. < / P > < p > the process of making tea is troublesome, and it needs to master the quantity and production technology. Many people have no conditions to make it. If they want to be more convenient and healthy, they can choose a scientifically matched tea bag. When they want to drink, they can take out a bag and brew it with hot water. It only takes a few minutes to have a cup of “Qinggan drink”. < / P > < p > for many young people, they always stay up late and don’t take a nap. Maybe I think it’s a trend to live a fashionable nightlife. In fact, it’s very unwise not to rest during the two hours when our liver needs to rest. A lot of activities in a day can be arranged in other time, we must let our liver rest, overwork and long time fatigue are very harmful to the liver. < / P > < p > welfare time: what do you think after reading this article? Come and post your comments, for high-quality commentators with unique opinions. Get a free book. We will randomly select three high-quality commentators to send them out. CUISINE&HEALTH