Fried potatoes and this thing together, detoxification, fat reduction, small stomach flat, skin tender and glossy!

Potato has become a vegetable star favored by nutritionists. It is rich in nutrition and has the reputation of “underground ginseng”. It is considered one of the greatest foods in the world.

potatoes are very good for the stomach. Eating potatoes in the right way can also treat gastric ulcer and stomachache. When potato juice enters the stomach, it can quickly find the ulcer and form a protective layer to reduce friction and injury caused by the peristalsis of the stomach. Potato starch, called resistant starch, can reduce cholesterol content, promote bile secretion and circulation, but also reduce lipid absorption and fatty acid synthesis, effectively reducing blood lipid content. Potatoes have a good effect on skin care and facial maintenance. Or very good high potassium and low sodium food, very suitable for edema type obese people to eat, plus its potassium content is rich, almost the highest in vegetables, so it has the effect of thin legs. It also has the effect of taking care of the skin and maintaining the face.

green pepper is rich in nutrients, and its pungency is light or even not spicy at all. It is used as a vegetable rather than as a seasoning. The biggest benefit of eating green pepper is to improve immunity. Its unique taste and the green capsaicin can stimulate saliva and gastric juice secretion, increase appetite and help digestion. Green pepper can fight cancer, and it contains antioxidant components of capsaicin. Capsaicin can also promote metabolism, play a weight loss effect. Fried potatoes and green peppers together, often eat detoxification, fat reduction, small stomach flat, skin tender and glossy! Focus