From “women’s Durban” to “women’s morality class”: how can women be kidnapped in the name of virtue

After the “women’s Durban”, the “women’s morality class” came again. Recently, some netizens exposed a group of pictures, saying that in the traditional culture class of Northern University for nationalities, there were three “female Moral Classes”. As can be seen from the online courseware, PPT contains such contents as “women’s morality”, “women’s conduct”, “women’s appearance”, “men’s respect for women’s inferiority”, “women’s success and defeat” and “the great power of governing the country and balancing the world, women’s family controls more than half” and so on. In response, the Northern University for Nationalities said that an investigation team had been set up to check. The school will deal with it seriously according to the investigation.

from the PPT teaching in class, it can be seen that the four behavior standards of women are “chaste, quiet, and shameful, which is for women’s virtue; for women, it is for women’s appearance that they don’t talk nonsense, choose words, and stop at the right time; they are women’s workers who concentrate on weaving, don’t laugh, cook delicious food, entertain guests, and” succeed and lose women “, etc The viewpoint is amazing, but some people also question, can a few ppts represent all the views of the teacher?

the reporter learned that the general education courses offered by the Department of North University for nationalities are optional for all students, and are taught by a teacher from the school of management. In November 2018, the official account of the Basic Education College of Beifang Univesity of Nationality introduced this course: the teacher’s course this week is female moral education, and the virtues such as filial piety, respect for husbands, good teaching children, diligent and frugal, gentle and modest are important inspiring ideas for improving the moral quality of female workers, playing the role of family and family building. Meaning and reference value.

the teacher himself did not give an interview, so it is difficult to determine whether this is an academic discussion or a promotion of female morality. If it is academic discussion, academic freedom should be tolerated. The reporter searches HowNet to discover, publish in an article, Ren Mou Qing mentioned a lot of similar viewpoint. For example, “in traditional Chinese culture, women should be” three obedience and four virtues “. The purpose of the four books and five classics is to teach Chinese people to be practical and practical. They are quite disrespectful in their comments on” women “, which makes me a little uncomfortable, but it does not affect my feelings towards them.” “In a family, mothers learn traditional culture, sublate the spirit of traditional culture, and teach their husbands and children. He qimingzhi is not a victim of sexism! In the country, at home, happiness is endless! ” “Learning from traditional culture, male citizens must pay attention to choosing a wife. The good or bad of a wife is related to the fate of future generations.” At the same time, she also said that she intends to open a public elective course in her junior year: Women’s self-cultivation, and discuss with female college students the understanding of marriage and family responsibility, aiming to promote traditional culture and make the sense of building a harmonious family deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

in recent years, the speech of women’s morality has aroused controversy and touched the sensitive nerves of the public. In 2017, at the public lecture on traditional culture on campus held by Jiangxi Jiujiang University, Ding Xuan, the keynote speaker, with the theme of “being a graceful lady in the new era”, publicized that “women’s clothes are exposed, they are prone to diseases and disasters, and they are easy to lose their wealth and lose their lives.” the best dowry for girls is chastity. “. After the controversy, Jiujiang University deleted the lecture information and said that “some netizens published the lecture content of Professor Ding Xuan out of context, and some PPT pictures were not used in our school.”.

female morality used to refer to the moral character that women should possess. However, the promotion of “female morality” is often irrelevant to morality and violates equality. Women have always been regulated to be bound, but there is no moral constraint on men. Therefore, with the gradual development of modern civilization of equal rights between men and women, women’s moral education with the brand of feudal culture in traditional culture has been controversial in women’s education. Under the influence of women’s Liberation Movement in modern times, with the history of women being enslaved, discriminated against and belittled in ancient times, women’s morality is regarded as the dregs of traditional culture. The identification of women’s “morality” is from the perspective of “women’s inferiority” and women’s subordination. Even if women’s Virtue under this premise is extended and interpreted in a modern way, it will inevitably be inappropriate to regulate and guide contemporary women.

it is normal to give lectures on women’s morality to college students who have formed certain ideas, which can lead to free contention. However, if children who have not yet formed the ability to distinguish are sent to the so-called “female Durban”, it will be a disaster. Since 2017, “Fushun Traditional Culture Research Association” has launched “Chinese culture” courses including “female Durban” for many times, and has been punished by regulatory authorities for running schools without certificates and improper teaching contents. In an interview last year, Pan Wei, Sun Nan’s wife, said that three years ago, she and Sun Nan moved to Xuzhou, a third tier city, from Beijing to rent in order for their children to study in the “Huaxia academy”. The tuition fee of junior high school is more than 100000 a year, but there is no education background. After graduation, they can not participate in the unified college entrance examination. The “Chinese Academy” was later found to have no qualifications. When the kids grow up, there’s a high-level version of the girl, Durban, waiting for her. Like the noble etiquette class that spent 100000 yuan to teach you to cut bananas.

teachers preach, teach and dispel doubts. Parents want their children to have culture and accept the influence of traditional culture, but never lose their way. Under the guise of traditional Chinese culture, women’s moral speech and women’s Durban are constantly emerging. They are related to the equality between men and women and there is still room for development. Women’s rights and values need to be further discovered and respected. According to the ancient standards, women are required to kill their personality and self by the so-called norms, and we should be alert to the disguised inequality hidden behind them. HEALTHY LIFE