Fructus Cnidii of Umbelliferae

This product is the dried and mature fruit of Cnidium monnieri cuss. It can remove dampness and wind, kill insects and relieve itching, warm kidney and invigorate Yang. It is used for vaginal itching, eczema pruritus, dampness, lumbago, kidney deficiency, impotence, cold palace infertility. < / P > < p > this product is a double hanging fruit, which is oval in shape, 2-4mm in length and 2mm in diameter. The surface is grayish yellow or grayish brown, with 2 bases curved outwards at the top, and there are occasionally fine stems at the base. There are 5 thin and protuberant longitudinal ribs on the back of the schizocarps, the joint surface is flat, and there are 2 Brown slightly protruding longitudinal edges. The peel is crisp and easy to fall off when rubbed. The seeds are small, grayish brown and oily. It is fragrant, pungent and cool, with numb tongue. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!