Full coverage of lunch in primary and secondary schools in Zhengzhou

The reporter learned from the Education Bureau of Zhengzhou that up to now, the lunch service of 535 primary and secondary schools in the main urban area of Zhengzhou has reached full coverage.

in order to solve the lunch problem of primary and secondary school students and eliminate parents’ worries, Zhengzhou City started the lunch supply work in primary and secondary schools last September. Zhengdong New District took the lead in providing school lunch service, and the first batch of school lunches were fully covered by 69 public primary and secondary schools. Each meal for students is three dishes, one soup and one meal. The dishes are two meat and one vegetable, and the students’ menu should not be duplicate within two weeks.

lunch service in primary and secondary schools has been listed as one of the ten major measures and important reform items of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee and municipal government in 2020, “stabilizing posts, ensuring employment and benefiting people’s livelihood”. Zhengzhou has increased investment and is actively guiding the school canteen from trusteeship to self-supporting mode. It is understood that there are 535 primary and secondary schools in the main urban area of Zhengzhou, with nearly 590000 primary and secondary students.

Wang Zhongli, director of the Zhengzhou Municipal Education Bureau, said that it is expected that by the end of this year, Zhengzhou’s counties, districts, cities and towns will have full coverage of lunch service for primary and secondary schools, and by the end of June 2021, the whole city’s primary and secondary school lunch service will be fully covered. Focus