Get rid of this kind of stain, live in the house of 10 years, also can become clean as new!

After a long time of living in a house, all kinds of stains will come out. Of course, the most important thing is the scale and water stains that exist everywhere. They will directly make a home old and ugly. < / P > < p > in today’s article, we’re going to thoroughly explain the removal of scale and water stains. If we learn these things, even if we have lived in a house for 10 years, we can still be as clean as new. < / P > < p > the inner wall of the toilet turns yellow, which is mainly due to the long-term attachment of scale and stains and urine stains. Use the five cleaning powder and pour it into the toilet, especially the position with heavy stains. < / P > < p > and then brush repeatedly with disposable toilet brush until it is clean, and then flush the toilet. Five clean powder has deodorization, whitening, brightening effect, can restore yellow toilet wall bright white as new. < / P > < p > here, we suggest using a toilet brush to clean the toilet, so that the brush head can be directly discarded after the end of cleaning, and the stains will not remain in the toilet all the time. < / P > < p > ceramic washbasin, whether on the table or in the basin, will turn yellow and dark after being used for a long time. At the same time, a lot of dirt has been formed due to the long-term attachment of scale, soap and toothpaste stains. < / P > < p > in the same way, pour five cleaning powder without adding a little water, and directly use baojiali’s electric cleaning wall to clean the basin, brush all the places on the basin and the inner wall, which is very time-saving and labor-saving, and also solves the problem of stubborn dirt in the basin. < / P > < p > the five cleaning powder is widely used. Ceramics, plastics, metal products, etc. can be used, and the method is simple. Pour it directly on the top, and then wipe it with a cleaning brush or cleaning cloth, without any matching method. < / P > < p > it should be noted that citric acid can be used if there is obvious scale at the sink drain of the kitchen. If it is such an oil stain as below, it is recommended to use alkaline solution baking soda. < p > < p > the alkalinity of bicarbonate can neutralize the acid grease, and it has a good effect on removing the grease in the kitchen. It can also remove the peculiar smell, and the heavy oil stain inside the sink mouth can be easily removed with it. < / P > < p > no matter how good the hardware is, once it is attached with scale, it will no longer have the beauty of shining as new, especially for the commonly used faucets and showers. < / P > < p > if there is serious scale attached to the faucet, citric acid solution can be used. First, pour it into the plastic bag, and then tie it to the water outlet of the faucet. Let it stand for one or two hours, and wait for citric acid to dissolve the scale. < / P > < p > for the shower head, the citric acid solution can be directly poured into the washbasin, and the shower head can be soaked in the shower head. The longer the standing time is, the better the effect will be. < / P > < p > water faucets, shower switches, water pipes and other surface scale, do not need to soak, directly spray with citric acid solvent, and then carefully wipe with a fish scale cloth, you can restore the brightness. < / P > < p > the fish scale cloth is made of superfine fiber. When used to wipe hardware, glass, ceramics, etc., the more polished it will be, and there will be no water mark or water stain. The effect of wiping kitchen stove is better than ordinary dishcloth, and it can be clean once. < / P > < p > if you find it troublesome to use citric acid, you can also buy ready-made scale cleaners, such as mistolin scale remover and huawang cleaner. < p > < p > the domestic lankangbao scale remover and they have the same effect, the price is only half of them, 500ml capacity, can be used for a long time, sprayed on the tap, only one minute, the scale can be dissolved. < / P > < p > the removal method is the same as citric acid, which is safe and environmentally friendly. The method is to pour citric acid into the kettle, add water and boil, then soak for 20-30 minutes, the scale can be dissolved, pour out the dirty water, and then clean it several times. < / P > < p > if the scale is not serious, just as a daily clean, you do not need to spray citric acid, you can directly wipe with a fish scale cloth every day, a very simple step, you can always keep the mirror clean as new. < / P > < p > of course, there is another method that lazy people need to use aoerdun easy cleaning protective layer, which has very good hydrophobicity and oil repellency, and can greatly reduce the condensation and adhesion of scale. < / P > < p > the application method of aoerdun easy-cleaning coating is as follows: firstly, remove the scale and dirt on the glass surface, then spray a small amount of solvent for several times, and then quickly apply it evenly with a special cloth, and operate repeatedly until the whole glass is fully coated. < / P > < p > after using, it can be found that the hydrophobicity of the glass surface is very good, and the water droplets are rarely attached, which greatly reduces the amount of water The condensation of a stain on glass that can be sprayed once for three years. < / P > < p > then plug the water outlet and add hot water to dissolve all particles. Hot water and oxygen purification can not only decontaminate, but also can remove bacteria and odor. < / P > < p > wait for dissolution, and then clean every corner with baojiali’s cleaning wall. Under the action of oxygen purification and hot water, the dirt basically disintegrates. With the electric cleaning brush, the effect is better. < p > < p > baojiali electric cleaning wall has several brush heads, which can be replaced according to the cleaning conditions. When cleaning the ground, flat brush or large ball brush can be selected. < / P > < p > with it, it is easier and more labor-saving to do housework, and the cleaning of stains is cleaner than manual work, and the price is not high. It can also clean the car, which is a real necessity for home. Focus