Go to the supermarket to suggest not to buy this kind of shampoo, has been added to the blacklist, no matter how big it is

It’s really feminine for a woman to have soft and thick hair. Walking on the street and gently lifting her hair can charm many heterosexuals. But now many girls do not know what the situation, the hair is also falling more and more, and dry hair is also very common.

in fact, the big reason is that the shampoo is not good or suitable. Today, the main ingredients of several kinds of shampoo are the main causes of young people’s hair loss, oily hair and dandruff.

the first shampoo containing industrial gel: because industrial gel can give the hair a “smooth” appearance, this composition will cause hair follicle blockage in the long run, resulting in dandruff and scalp hair oil.

the second kind of shampoo containing silicone oil: and this kind of shampoo containing silicone oil will also cause “smooth” phenomenon. After washing, you can feel your hair is very smooth, but if you use it for a long time, it will do harm to your scalp, and your hair will fall off a lot. In the course of time,

has third kinds of shampoo containing sodium lauryl sulfate: this shampoo has very rich foam, and because of its strong cleaning ability, it will damage the balance of hair oil and water and inhibit hair growth.

the fourth shampoo containing sodium chloride: this shampoo contains a tonic, which can destroy the structure of protein. After washing the hair, the scalp will feel itchy not long after, and the hair loss is also serious

although these four shampoos are big brands, there are many problems, because they contain such ingredients, and they can be used for a long time In recent years, there will be dandruff, oil and hair loss in our hair. Although many people don’t think the hair problem is so serious, if these problems can’t be solved for a long time, it will really affect our life and social life.

after all, it’s very important to have a beautiful and smooth hair, and a thin hair, even if it has a high face value, can’t control it.

recently, I planted a new amino Mason amino acid shampoo, which has been introduced by many star bloggers. This shampoo has a very good hair care effect. It can improve hair loss, rashness, oil production and other problems. It also has a good fragrance. After washing the first day, the hair is fragrant.

, the amino acid shampoo, is also used by the rich female Qiao Xin. Its most powerful function is to repair, most of which are plant essence, which keeps hair everfount and nourishing the hair scales to repair damaged hair.

let’s talk about the feeling of using it again. Its anti dandruff and oil control function is also very good. After washing twice, you can see that the dandruff is basically gone, and even in summer, it can not produce much oil for two days.

Guo biting, the goddess of long hair, has also used this shampoo for a long time. Her long curly hair is also due to her long-term use of this amino acid shampoo.

all shampoos use surfactants to clean the scalp and hair. Amino acid surfactant is used in amino acid shampoo, which is synthesized by hydrophilic amino acid composition and hydrophobic fat chain, so it is less irritating and milder to the hair. The efficacy and reputation of

am is largely due to its exclusive “super amino acid” formula. It is composed of keratin, alanine, serine and other 16 amino acids, which can effectively repair damaged hair scales.

the high protein molecular added from imported milk can moisten the hair with the nutrients of milk, as well as almond oil, mango oil and Moroccan nut oil, which can nourish the dry hair and make the hair full of luster.

the addition of Manuka honey in shampoo can improve the metabolism of scalp and promote the regeneration of epithelial tissue. It can supply new hair with nutrients and improve hair loss.

this shampoo used to be very difficult to buy, but now because of the online channel, a few meals of fast food money can bring home this “moistening, fluffy and firm hair, with a touch of high-grade fragrance” perfect shampoo! Focus