Got cancer cannot eat “hair thing”? What is Fawu? It’s clear to the gastroenterologist

For people who are sick, diet should be avoided. Recently, a cancer patient asked if he could not eat “Fawu” when he got cancer. As a child, we heard the word “hair”. When we were young, we often heard our mother say that squid is hair. We can’t eat more when we are sick. It’s easy to aggravate the disease. < / P > < p > there is no detailed medical record of hair products, but through your description of hair products, it is not difficult to find that hair products are similar to what we often call irritating, allergic and relapse prone foods, which can easily induce gastrointestinal diseases and allergic diseases. For example, squid, squid belongs to seafood, many seafood in the production, will use pepper, onion, ginger, garlic and other conditioning, so if sick, resistance decline, eating may aggravate the disease. It can also cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. So squid is called hair. There are also some people allergic to eggs, thus eating after illness is easy to aggravate the phenomenon of allergy, which is said to be hair. And for people who are not allergic to eggs, eggs are not fat. Eating eggs can also supplement protein, promote the recovery of body resistance and accelerate the recovery of disease. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, Fawu does not refer to a specific food. If you have a history of allergy, you can’t eat food that is easily allergic. No matter you have cancer or not, you can’t eat food that will make you allergic. If you are not allergic to that food, you can eat more. Another situation is that if it’s seafood, it’s not impossible to eat these foods, so we need to eat less. Spicy food to eat a large number of long-term, is also very harmful to our spleen and stomach. We need to judge whether it can be used according to the specific condition. < / P > < p > and digestive doctors say that for cancer patients, different conditions require different things to avoid, and the supplementary nutrition is also correspondingly different. We should adjust the diet according to the specific condition. In fact, we need to pay special attention to several kinds of food in our daily life. < / P > < p > food with high salt content and high salt diet are easy to cause the increase of cholesterol in blood, thus promoting arteriosclerosis and increasing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. And the food with more salt, long-term consumption will also induce obesity. And long-term consumption of high salt food, easy to increase the absorption of glucose in the small intestine, affect blood sugar. Too much salt can also cause a burden on the kidneys. Eating too much salty food can also lead to elevated blood pressure. So we should eat less salty food, such as all kinds of pickled food. < / P > < p > we often buy rotten and moldy food in our life. When we eat it, we find that it is rotten and moldy. In fact, this kind of food should not be eaten too much, because it contains aflatoxin, which is easy to cause cancer after taking, and even death if it is serious. Some people may think that rotten parts can’t be eaten, but only those parts that are not rotten are not wasted. In fact, this kind of method is for crops. When an object decays, there is Xanthotoxin on it, but some parts decay fast, so the surface of the object has performance. Some parts decay slowly, so they look normal, but they can’t be eaten. 08/16/2020