Grandma dislikes the baby black, then uses the watermelon skin to give the baby “the whitening” the hot discussion, the netizen: the baby must have how uncomfortable

It is said that it is not good for the elderly to bring children. However, in fact, there are many advantages for the elderly to bring children. Because the elderly have the experience of bringing children, they are more likely to bring children than novice parents. However, because the method is still in the traditional era, some parents are not willing to bring children with the elderly. Therefore, it is said that the situation of elderly children with children is not common. < / P > < p > for the elderly and children, parents like the good-looking children very much. Therefore, parents pay great attention to the skin color of children and all kinds of acquired appearance. The grandmother in this video can be said to pay great attention to the skin color of children. In the video, the grandfather’s skin color is very dark, Black face is nothing, because grandfather’s five fingers are black, very uniform, and at this time, grandfather is sitting on the sofa eating watermelon, you can see the original pink watermelon pulp in grandfather’s hands as if fluorescent several degrees, while watching the child sitting on a small stool, milk sitting next to her, picked up the melon skin next to her and called to the child’s face, and from the child’s side face you can see the child Son’s skin also belongs to a kind of relatively dark, and the child’s grandmother may not know where to hear the folk prescription, as long as the watermelon peel is finished, grandma did not throw it, all piled together and kept rubbing on the child’s face. It seems that the grandmother’s mentality of wanting a little white skin of the child is really obvious. < / P > < p > after watching this kind of video, although it is not very good for the old people, they also want their children to look better, but sometimes things always go against their wishes. There are many things like the old people taking their children with them, which are listed below one by one. < / P > < p > most of the time, the old people are afraid of the danger of children’s running away because of their love for their children. Therefore, many old people always keep their children at home and do not let them run around. They are afraid that the children will encounter danger after running out. However, it is the nature of children to go out and play. Therefore, in order to keep the children, the old people will let the children stay in the room to watch the electricity This can reduce the probability of children going out to play, and the elderly will feel relieved. However, there are many disadvantages in this way. For example, if children are allowed to watch TV all the time without restraint, their eyesight will be affected. Moreover, if children are allowed to stay in the house all the time, they will not be able to do strenuous exercise Micro move may have a great response, which is the elderly with children need to pay attention to. < / P > < p > nowadays, the old people are still like this, afraid that the children will cry, so they always buy snacks for their children. Because the old people think that children are greedy, so as long as the children see the snacks, the children will put away all their emotions, so as long as the children cry, the old people will start to buy snacks for the children, and no matter how fat the children are, the old people will not stop them, but will say, “in the future If you grow up, you will lose weight. “If you let your child continue to eat, the result will be that the child will grow fatter and fatter, and the body will become more and more unhealthy, and the probability of disease will increase. < / P > < p > many old people still have a common problem when taking care of their children, that is, they like to chase and feed their children. Many old people think that the children do not have the ability to eat independently, and the children are too young to use the dishes, chopsticks and spoons, so they have to feed themselves. In addition, the old people think that children will not like to eat as long as they are fond of playing, so this will appear at every meal point Like chasing after the phenomenon of feeding, and such a situation has been going on, it will make the baby become more and more pampered and unwilling to eat well, because the baby will feel that no matter when he eats, there will always be food, so he always resists food, and when he sees food, he always resists his consciousness. Moreover, because the child’s ability to eat independently is not strong, this also leads to the child’s hands-on ability It will weaken, so parents should pay attention to this. < / P > < p > according to the old people’s traditional thinking, whether it is a newborn or a pregnant woman in confinement, the more clothes they wear, the better. Especially in summer, children should wear a lot of clothes. Because the old people are afraid that their children are easy to catch cold, they always give the children three layers inside and three outside in summer, which will make the children “hot” in summer If you have a cold and then go to the hospital, you should not follow these traditional ideas. In summer, you can wear less for your children, even without socks. Moreover, if you don’t wear socks, you can exercise your sense of touch. So parents should remember. 08/16/2020