Guan Zhilin’s activity leads to controversy. The apple muscle is tight, the chin is relaxed, and the face is collapsed and stiff

In fact, Guan Zhilin seldom appears in the entertainment industry and people’s attention when she gets older. However, her sudden appearance in a certain brand activity in Shanghai has aroused people’s attention and many controversies. After all, we should know that she was a goddess in many people’s hearts. On the same day, Guan Zhilin wore a pink suit with a regular white shirt and short hair. She looked like a capable woman. It can be seen that Guan Zhilin is well maintained, and can still have such a good state at this age. < p > < p > Guan Zhilin is not young, but it seems that wearing a fan makes her look very young. Moreover, the trousers of the suit are not ordinary suit pants, but the feeling of wide leg suit pants. It also adds a lot of vitality. Her arm is also very thin. With a red ornament, the whole person is not so regular. However, some people have found that if you look closely at Guan Zhilin, you can still see the traces of years on her face. Her face looks full of water and light, especially the position of Apple muscle looks very tight, but the legal lines are obvious, and there is a sense of relaxation in the chin. In addition, according to Guan Zhilin’s state, her face seems to become stiff when she speaks, and she doesn’t have the smart feeling she felt when she was young. It seems that no matter who is hard to escape the devastation of the years, even if the star maintenance is good, you can see the traces of the years. < p > < p > in fact, Guan Zhilin was very famous in the 1980s and 1990s. At that time, she was very beautiful and had a good figure. The whole person was like a doll, loved by everyone and favored by many people. At that time, she played a lot of classic works and created many classic screen images, which left a very deep impression on us The impression of carving, such as the role of thirteen aunts that we can’t forget for a long time. However, later on, Guan Zhilin frequently fell into emotional disturbance, and many negative news about her private life and emotional life emerged in endlessly. Especially in those years, the affair between Guan Zhilin and Liu Luan Xiong became a hot topic for many people. Later, she also experienced a lot of feelings, but they all ended in vain. After < / P > < p > < p > after that, she has completely looked down on her feelings, and put her time and energy on her life and her career. Over the years, Guan Zhilin has accumulated a lot of wealth and owns her own luxury house. Her life is very comfortable and happy. When she is free, she goes out with her friends and drinks afternoon tea and lives very well At ease. Although today’s Guan Zhilin is still single, there is nothing wrong with being single, probably because she once saw through her feelings and no longer had hope for love. However, now she seems to be getting better and better, probably because of her mentality, hoping that she can be happy in the future. CUISINE&HEALTH