Guangming Daily: facing up to the prejudice of “physical education teachers being opposed to being a class teacher”

In response, the Ministry of education’s relevant person in charge said that physical education teachers, music teachers, art teachers, science and technology teachers can be class teachers. Every teacher has a teacher’s qualification certificate and meets the teacher’s requirements. They just teach different subjects. The relevant person in charge also mentioned that the school’s physical education entrance examination should increase the score year by year to reach the level of the same score as the language number. On this basis, through constantly summing up experience, we should immediately start the research of sports score in college entrance examination. Parents object to the role of PE teachers as class teachers. To put it more bluntly, they think that PE teachers are not conducive to improving students’ academic performance compared with teachers of other subjects. Therefore, bringing physical education into the college entrance examination and improving the score of physical education will undoubtedly have a direct role in promoting the status of physical education subjects and teachers. However, in order to make schools and parents really attach importance to physical education, in addition to improving the score of physical education, it is also necessary to adhere to the rule of law, achieve “five education simultaneously”, and eliminate the practice of dividing compulsory education into “main subject” and “minor subject”. Interestingly, as early as 1993, Qingdao incorporated sports into the high school entrance examination, with a score of 30. In 2012 and 2020, the score was increased to 45 and 60 respectively. Nevertheless, there are still parents who do not want to see PE teachers. In fact, since 2007, according to the requirements of the Ministry of education that “sports should be included in the high school entrance examination, and the score should be gradually increased”, most regions of the country regard sports as the score subject of the high school entrance examination. Not surprisingly, the situation of not paying attention to sports still exists in many places. In this regard, many people think that this is mainly because the score of physical education in the high school entrance examination is not high enough, and the physical education has not been included in the college entrance examination. Along this line of thought, the solution is to further improve the score of physical education in the high school entrance examination, and bring sports into the subjects of college entrance examination. In other words, sports should be upgraded to the status of “major subject”. However, it needs to be noted that there are also worrying problems in bringing physical education into the entrance examination and further improving the score: will there be a tendency of “examination oriented sports”, which does not play a role in promoting students’ interest in sports and cultivating sports skills, but increases the burden of students? In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the content, method and scoring method of physical education test. In the author’s opinion, we should strengthen the process evaluation and explore the value-added evaluation combined with the evaluation of physical education subjects published not long ago, instead of taking the results of a centralized test as the sports scores of high school entrance examination. At the same time, in order to do a good job in process evaluation and value-added evaluation, the education departments of local governments should adhere to the rule of law, protect the school’s physical education resources, supervise the school to open a good physical education class, organize students to carry out physical exercise, so that students can have a good PE class every day and complete an hour of extracurricular physical exercise. It is understood that Yunnan will raise the score of physical education to 100 from this year, which is equivalent to that of other subjects. According to the physical education plan of Yunnan Province, the content of physical examination includes physical health monitoring and skill physical examination. Taking into account the individual differences of students, 60 points were qualified in physical fitness monitoring and 40 points in physical fitness and skill test. The total score of 3-year weighted calculation is included in the total score of high school enrollment. Some people think that although the total score is 100 points, the physical fitness and skills test is only 40 points, which still can not attract the attention of schools and parents. To bring physical education into the high school entrance examination is not to beat the students, but to force the school to have good physical education and ensure the students’ exercise time. Therefore, the process evaluation should be emphasized rather than the result evaluation. But the key is to make the process evaluation fair and just, and improve the credibility of process evaluation. In addition to bringing physical education into the middle school entrance examination and improving the score, we should adhere to the rule of law. On the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that schools are equipped with PE teachers and the venues and facilities for PE teaching according to law; on the other hand, all schools are urged to open enough PE classes and not to occupy the time of PE classes. In the evaluation of physical education, if the score of one concentrated test is used as the score of physical education, there will be some problems in physical education teaching, such as training around test items and students preparing for exams. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate and score the students’ physical education class, physical exercise and sports competition, so as to form the total score of physical education, which will effectively change the problem that schools and students do not attach importance to sports. We may as well regard the reform of sports evaluation as the starting point to promote the reform of education evaluation, especially the evaluation of practice process. < p > < p > attaches importance to the process of students’ growth, and requires education to realize the transformation from cultivating examinees to educating people. The smooth realization of this change means that parents evaluate teachers from the perspective of education rather than utilitarian. In this way, any subject teacher should be trusted and supported. 08/16/2020