Guo biting is pregnant for 9 months and finally comes to help. Netizen: it’s very important to marry a good man

It is said that “pregnant in October, giving birth once”, which is a process that every woman needs to go through, and it is also a milestone in our life.

for us women, having children is a kind of responsibility as well as an obligation. Only the life we have experienced can be regarded as complete and more meaningful.
in fact, only when a woman has experienced a great deal of physical pain during pregnancy, can she accept the great psychological pressure.

Moreover, after pregnancy, women’s psychology has a very big change, not only in taste, but also in psychology.

However, after pregnancy, the person I most want to see every day is her husband. She doesn’t want to take a bath or wash her feet. She sticks to him when she comes home.

I don’t feel bothered by his snoring when I go to bed at night. In a word, I like to stick to him. At that time, my husband was also annoyed by me, but he wanted to see the growth of the baby, so he had to endure this kind of “suffering”.

therefore, every woman needs the company of her partner and the love of her partner during pregnancy, because women in pregnancy need the company of their family.

what’s more, pregnant women’s mood fluctuates greatly. Sometimes they are in a good mood, but when they see something, their mood immediately drops to the bottom. Or when they think of something, they will immediately feel happy. This is a typical performance of pregnancy.

the most important point is that pregnant women have no self-protection ability during pregnancy, and their ability to move will also be limited. If no one is around, they will be in danger, and they may fall into a dangerous situation that they should not cry every day.

Xiang Zuo and Guo biting, the golden couple in the entertainment industry, are almost completely open about their love process on variety shows, and they have also received a lot of blessings. Now, Guo biting, a couple who have been pregnant for two months, don’t even think that they are two months old.

it turns out that many people feel that Guo biting has been waiting for childbirth at home, while Xiang Zuo has been working all the time, so Guo biting can only stay with her father because she hasn’t accompanied her at all.

However, he also explained to Zuo about the accusation made by netizens. He said that it was not that he didn’t want to accompany his wife, but that he couldn’t go to Taiwan because of the epidemic.

Moreover, although Taiwan is a province of China, it is still difficult to enter. You need to apply for some documents or have a relative die. If Xiang Zuo can’t get the qualification, he can’t fly to Taiwan to accompany his wife and children.

today, although Guo biting is pregnant, her unswerving love to Zuo has attracted many netizens’ attention. They fell in love with each other in the program and entered the palace of marriage. This kind of love makes people very envious. They all say that it is important to marry a good man.

in today’s society, mabao men are very despised. They obey their mother’s words unconditionally and regard their mother’s words as “imperial edict” and often talk about “my mother said”.

if you meet this kind of opposite sex, girls should be careful, because once you are together, it is very likely that there will be three people living, because mother-in-law will always participate in your marriage, and there is no two person world.

“never underestimate a woman’s determination to accompany you.” once a woman recognizes a man, she will spend the rest of her life with him. However, if you find a man who is not motivated, you will suffer.

some boys just want to make you suffer for a while, because they are self-motivated and will strive to give you a better life, but some boys want to make you suffer for a lifetime. They are content with the status quo and have no ambition. If you marry such a person, your future can only be mediocre.

they all say that “husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed”. It’s normal to have a noisy life. If there is a problem, both parties will talk about it, and then life will be better.

However, some men like to use “cold violence” to solve problems. When problems arise between husband and wife, they don’t want to solve them. Instead, they want to escape and use cold violence to solve problems. When they are cold and cold, it is easy to cool their feelings.

after reading this article, what do you think of Xiang Zuo and Guo biting’s attitude towards golden girl? What do you think you can’t do with your partner? Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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