Gynecologist: “two” time period roommate, so that the uterus is very injured, and then the cow’s uterus is scrapped

Yuanyuan, 23, got married with her boyfriend of three years after graduation. Soon, they were promoted to novice parents. Before Yuanyuan came out of her joy, she found that her body was in some condition. The smell of her private parts was very heavy. At first, she thought it was a sequela of childbirth, so she didn’t care. Later, when she got serious, she bought lotion, but it still didn’t work. Until she went to the hospital for examination, she didn’t know that it was cervical disease!

how can a girl so young get cervical lesions? After the doctor and Yuanyuan talk, just know the cause of the matter, the doctor can not help but blame strange, how can such behavior have a healthy uterus?

menstruation is something that every woman will experience. During the menstruation period, women’s body immunity is very low. If you have sex with your husband during this period, it will increase the probability of HPV infection. If you don’t pay more attention, it will easily become cervical lesions.

just after delivery, the new mother’s disease resistance is relatively poor, and there are still wounds in the reproductive tract that are not fully healed. And in pregnancy and childbirth, the mother’s nutrients in the rapid loss, at this time the new mother’s news agency Title immunity is very poor, it is easy to be infected.

more than 90% of cervical lesions are due to HPV infection, and HPV infection is due to poor resistance, and the above two times happen to be the weakest time for women’s body immunity, so we must pay more attention to avoid rooming, just avoid rooming. Otherwise, there will be a lot of harm.

we must avoid rooming in these two periods. If the above performance appears, we should find out in time and seek medical advice immediately. In addition, we should prevent HPV from diet, personal measures and other aspects in our life to keep the uterus healthy.

supplementary nutrition is the key to improve immunity. We can eat Western wheat dual element, which is rich in vitamin E, trace elements selenium, β – carotene, etc., which can supplement all kinds of nutrients missing by the human body, improve the body’s immunity as much as possible, so as to inhibit the spread of HPV virus, gradually drive out the virus, and let the body recover to health.

how to maintain women’s cervix, we must do a good job in family planning. The study found that the best time for a woman to conceive is between 24 and 29, which is the best time for both the fetus and the woman. However, if you do not do a good job in the daily sexual life of contraceptive measures, casual abortion surgery to remedy, this is very incorrect.

exercise is to increase the vitality of our body, enhance the function of internal organs, improve the body’s physique, so as to mobilize the immune cells of the human body and phagocytize virus cells, which is very helpful for us to eliminate HPV virus. Half an hour of aerobic exercise every day can improve the immune function of the human body and prevent the virus from invading the human body. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging