Half a year later, the parents of the child scratched by forceps held the hospital accountable, and the doctor could not sit still

In the process of childbirth, there are large and small risks, which are not absolutely safe, and no doctor can guarantee the maternal and family members that “mother and child are safe” in the end.

take the most common natural birth as an example, many puerpera are stuck in the last step. Because the fetal head is too big, it is difficult for the puerpera to give birth independently. Therefore, the doctor can only help the delivery by using forceps, and the use of forceps itself is one of the “risks”.

Ms. Liu gave birth to her daughter half a year ago. At that time, she spent a lot of effort, but she still failed to give birth naturally. Later, the doctor first made a lateral incision, but although it was helpful for Ms. Liu, it was still difficult to give birth to the fetus, especially the later, the more powerless Ms. Liu was.

at this time, the doctor used the forceps and soon gave birth to the baby. However, when the nurse held Ms. Liu to see, Ms. Liu was too tired to ask in detail.

the doctor may have faced too many such things, and calmly replied, “the forceps injury during childbirth is not deep, and it will gradually disappear after a long time.”

after hearing what the doctor said, Ms. Liu and her family were at ease. I thought it was over, but who knows, half a year later, Ms. Liu found that although the child’s forceps seal had disappeared a lot compared with the previous one, it was still quite obvious. After such a long time, the mark was still there. Does it mean that it won’t disappear in the future?

with such concerns, Ms. Liu looks at her daughter and feels more and more worried. After all, she is a girl, and she will pay more attention to her face in the future, but now she has left a scar, what kind of a blow to her child.

the more she thought about it, the more angry Ms. Liu was. She took her child to the hospital in a hurry to find the doctor who was in charge of the delivery at that time and accused her. She even thought it was an operation accident and asked the hospital to compensate and the doctor to bear the responsibility.

“if you look at this child again, you also say that the imprint has disappeared a lot, which means that it is still disappearing. Only half a year has passed, you are in such a hurry, and it will almost disappear in a year and a half…”

in fact, there are many children who are scratched by forceps in the process of forceps. Whether it’s natural delivery or caesarean section, they may borrow forceps and hurt their babies.

after all, it is also a kind of surgical aid, and the baby’s skin is tender, facing the cold machine, the risk is there, which can not be avoided, can only be reduced as far as possible.

most of Bao’s parents also know that most of the obstetric forceps injuries are in the child’s face, head or clavicle. This is because the stuck position is exactly these. Obstetric forceps can only be fixed in these parts to lock the child out. If the doctors don’t apply a little force properly, they may leave a mark on the child.

to control weight gain during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must control weight gain during pregnancy, instead of overeating or overeating to provide adequate nutrition for the fetus. In fact, these behaviors may bring harm to themselves.

because the fetus needs so much nutrition, in too many cases, it can not continue to absorb, and the remaining nutrition can only be converted into fat and stored in the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus, which is also the reason why many fetuses become “giant babies” in the later stage. The bigger the fetus is, the more difficult it is to give birth The greater the chance of forceps.

if pregnant mothers can exercise more during pregnancy, so as to enhance the coordination of pelvic floor muscle, sphincter and other internal muscles of the reproductive system, then the delivery process will be more smooth.

on the other hand, pregnant women with long-term exercise have better muscle coordination, which will also play a stronger role in promoting delivery, and the fetus is more likely to give birth.

therefore, pregnant mothers should arrange proper exercise during pregnancy, at least three times a week or more, and walk more when it is the worst. If some pregnant mothers have the conditions, they can choose yoga courses for pregnant women, but they must have professional guidance, otherwise they would rather not choose this kind of exercise, because it may hurt themselves.

then again, many of the marks of forceps can be eliminated. Baopa and Baoma don’t have to worry. They need time to prove everything. If they can’t be eliminated, it’s not too late to find a solution. Focus